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Your POV

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. 'Just ten more minutes. That's it. You can do this (y/n).' I thought to myself. Sighing, I made an attempt to focus back on my teacher. She continued to drone on about how to find the slope of a line from two different coordinates. 'When the hell would we ever need this in real life?' I thought as I doodled on my paper pretending to take notes. I set down my pencil and let thoughts wander. I began to daydream of my favorite fanfics. From fanfics, my mind began to drift towards Mark and Jack.

"(Y/n) what did you get for number two?" My mind immediately went into panic mode. "Um... the answer i got was.." I paused, having no idea what to say.
'She can'T KNOW I WASN'T PAYING ATTENTION. SCHIST, SCHIST, SCHIST' Lucky for me, the bell rang before the teacher was able to comment on my lack of an answer. "Gotta go fast." I mumble as I literally throw everything into my backpack and run out of the classroom.

Finally, Friday had come, and dobby was a free elf. Or (Y/n) was a free fangirl. I walk out of the school gates and begin to walk home.


"Mom, Dad I'm home!" I call as I enter the house. I get no response, but shrug it off. They frequently leave for last minute work trips so I'm used to being by myself during the weekends. I run upstairs and drop off my backpack in my room. "Okay watch YouTube on my bed... or watch it downstairs and get food.... BUT DOWNSTAIRS IS SO FAR...." I laugh at my laziness, pick up my laptop and walk downstairs. I dash to the kitchen, after all, speed is key. After almost tripping over air and dropping my laptop on the kitchen tile, I decide that it'd be best if I set it down on the counter. I turn to grab a snack and find a note taped to the fridge door.

Dear (Y/n),
Hey love, Dad and I had to leave for a business meeting. Before we left we stocked the fridge and there is plenty of food, so don't call me and say you're starving. I can guarantee you won't starve. We also left a twenty if you want to buy a pizza one night. Dad and I will be back by Tuesday night if all goes well.

P.S.- The cookies on top of the fridge are for you, but if you don't save any for us I am sad to say we will have to destroy you.

I smile as I read the note. "They know me so well.." I pull the cookies off the top the fridge and then pull a chair up to the counter so I can watch some YouTube. I sit down and turn on Jacksepticeye's newest video. "TOP OF THE MORNING TO YA LADDIES!" My laptop screamed causing me to jump out of my chair. I frantically lower the volume hoping that my ear drums are still intact. Once the volume is lowered, I open the cookies and eat a couple. "Thank Mark my parents weren't home to hear this." I laugh at my stupid comment and watch Sean flail about while playing yet another FNaF game. The perfect way to start a weekend.

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