Glitch Elf

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Anti's POV

Dark left to his room, and Wilford went to talk to (y/n). I stayed in the living room, silent as death trying to pick up on anything the Wilford threw at the girl. I flinched when I head the large crash from downstairs. I felt my stomach drop and I'm compelled to go downstairs and help her. Again, I felt. I felt something besides pain. "That witch!" I growled. There was no other explanation for her charm. I spent awhile debating this. While in the midst of my mental war. I watched Wil storm out of the basement and return to his room. Not many people could, let alone dare to do that to such a demon. To say the least, I was impressed. Perhaps the pet deserved a reward~?

~ Back to the present brought to you by whisks~

Your POV
"Stupid, stuck up, little-" I'm cut off by another blast of light from the world above. "Wilford, what the hell do you want now?"

"Guess again lass~" I groan.

"Ugh. What do you want Glitch Elf?"  He walks down into the room chuckling. Something in his hands reflects a small amount of light before going dull again.

"Feisty one I see. Nice job pissing off Wil."  For a spilt second, he glitches out of existence. In the background I see Jack stir slightly. "Shit! Alright look lass, I also came here to warn you."

"Ha! Warn me?" I smirk. "You're the one fading."

"Shut up and listen to me! Those demons will stop at nothing to-"  His face scrunches up in pain. "They won't hesitate to hurt you, kill you even."

"Wow. Shocker." I roll my eyes. "But they need me alive-"

"Only for so long."  Anti flinches in pain again. "They only need you alive until-" Anti disappears, and a set of keys crash to the floor.  The sound echoes through the suddenly quiet room. "....keys? What are you playing at Anti?" Before I have time to ponder that question, I hear a familiar voice grab my attention.

"Not again... I can't believe I let him escape...  this is all my- " Jack notices my presence. "wait... who are you.?"

Hey look I'm alive! It's finally Summer, *panic at the disco voice* HALLELUJAH, and I've finally had the chance to get it together and update. Thank you all for being so supportive of my struggles, and for those of you that care, I didn't make it into Advanced Theater. Sad, but just means I have to try even harder next time. Anyway, I had a quick question for you guys: If I made a journal of my supernatural experiences would anyone read it? Or would it be kinda pointless? No? Nothing? Alright I'll just leave. Does anyone even read this? I just got so emo I fell apart. Hi I'm Pete wentz from My Chemical Romance. Whisk. The Hat Fic. Markiplier's hot chocolate tub was honestly a blessing on my eyes.

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