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Your POV

2:00 am

I jolt up in my bed startled. I woke up from yet another vivid nightmare about a demented Jack and Markiplier. I sigh, and turn on my phone to check the time. "2 a.m. Well, this is going to be a long night.." I put on (your favorite song) in an attempt to get my mind off the nightmare. Then, I have the brilliant idea to get some hot chocolate from the kitchen, because chocolate helps everything. I hop out of bed and walk downstairs. When I get to the kitchen, I turn on the lights and get out the ingredients. As I prepare the coco, I dance around and sing to my favorite songs. Honestly, who doesn't love a two a.m. dance party? Okay, maybe my neighbors don't, but they don't count. Being so immersed in the song, I am able to forget about the feeling of paranoia my nightmares gave me. Eventually, I finish and pour the coco into the mug spilling some on the counter. I set down the pot and mug, and I race to get the towel by the sink. "frICK." I say as I frantically clean it up. "Why the hell am I this struggled.. oh right its's twO FREAKIN' A.M. SWEET JESUS WHERE IS MY CHILL." I mumble to my self cleaning up the last of the coco puddles. My brain imagines soft chuckles. "Yeah, because my struggles are so funny." I muttered to myself. The chuckles stop and I pick up my hot chocolate to take a sip. Out of the corner of my eye, I see a shadow move out of view. "The hell?" I say and set down the drink back on the counter. I take a moment to look around, but I find nothing other than what seems to be some cookie crumbs in a small pile on the floor.

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