Now Or Never

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Winn Scott is a valet for the Danvers' family and he is proud of that. To be able to serve the Phantom, he was honored. For decades, his family had served the Danvers well and he wouldn't forget the time when his father herbed him... And told him, it's his time to serve.

He started as an errand boy though he was already wearing a suit. His mother gave it to him. The Danvers had been nothing but kind to their family. Winn was more than happy to serve and he thought nothing could top the happiness he felt when he served the Danvers. He was right... Although the feeling of happiness when Lena told him that she would marry The Phantom almost topped it.

"I'm sorry, but are you sure about this, Lena? It's only been a few hours since you arrived here... Don't you want to think about it more? "

He seriously didn't want to ask that question, but as a human he felt the urge to ask it. That was the least he could do after telling such an unforgivable lie to her. There was no hesitation. The young lady Luthor nodded her head with such determination. She knew what she was getting herself into.

Oh, little did she know...

"I am certain of my answer."

If he had the ability to fly like Peter Pan, Winn Scott would have flown all the way to the moon, back to earth, do a cartwheel in the air and land happily while the word 'Yes' playing on repeat in his mind.

The valet felt so fulfilled!

Being able to grant Kara's very first special request, Winn could now peacefully die as a happy man.


But! Of course, there was going to be a 'but'! The damn universe never made it easy for him.

Winn was trying very hard to resist an annoyed growl from escaping his lips.


The valet hummed as a sign for the young lady in front of him to continue with her speech.

"I do wish to meet my future husband before the ceremony."

Winn mentally facepalmed himself. Of course, they needed to meet in order to get married... Such a stupid valet! In the few seconds of silent, Winn's possible future flashed in front of his eyes.

Kara and Lena were going to meet, Lena was going to change her mind once she knew Kara was a girl, Kara would be heartbroken and then, she was going to blame him. Then, he'd have to move out of the mansion. He would have to move to the countryside and become a farmer, but he didn't know how to farm. All his crops would die and he would become broke. Then, he would die alone out of starvation.

NO! Winn didn't want to die alone... At least give him a wife along the way.

"Winn? Winn! Mr Winn Scott! "

The valet snapped out of his train of thoughts. Lena was waving her hand in front of his face. She must be wondering what made the valet so deep in thought.

"Yes, Lena? "

He answered with an awkward smile. The young lady furrowed her brows in confusion.

"I was asking, when will The Phantom come home?"

Winn can't help but smile bitterly at the young lady. He had no choice but to tell Lena the truth before things got more complicated. The valet would rather be hated by the lovely miss Luthor than die out of starvation as a poor farmer!

"Umm... Actually, Lena... The Phantom is... Is... "

Looking down at the floor, Winn swallowed his own saliva. He could feel all of the young Luthor's attention on him. The valet cleared his throat loudly.

"Actually, The Phantom i-"


Not very far from them, there appeared to be an old man with a candle. His big black wool hat and his round glasses. Anger was clearly written on his face.

Oh no... The valet silently cursed under his breath. Sir Frederik Nolan... Kara's one and only uncle.

"Sir Nolan... I don't think The Phantom would like it if you suddenly appeared at this mansion while he is absent."

Winn politely bowed as a sign of greeting as he said so. The old man looked at the valet with disgust. He could t never understand why his niece would treat her servants like they were her equals. They are clearly not... But then again his late sister does have the same habit.


Sir Frederik smirked. Still with the same old facade. Oh Kara...

"I can never understand that absurd child! Why? Oh, why in God's name would that child want to marry someone with a lower status than 'he' has?"

Obviously, the old man purposely rose his tone as he said the word 'he'. He was enjoying the look of pure panic on Winn's face.

Indeed, he never approved of Kara pretending to be a man just so she could succeeded in the world of trading. Just to earn the respect a man would never give a woman. He did not approve of it at all... But he was not foolish.

He knew no matter how much he wanted to protect his neice, he didn't have much time left. Kara would have to defend herself sooner or later and if pretending to be a man can help her earn the strength she needed to survive. Then, so be it.

Feeling rather embarrassed, Lena looked at the old man with a pair of cold green eyes.

"I'm sorry but the Luthor is also a very well-known name!"

She tried to defense herself.

"Oh, but for what, little girl? All that I know about the Luthor is they had to sell their daughter just to continue living. "

Ouch... Lena had to bite her tongue to stop herself from cursing at the old man. Sensing defeat in the young lady's eyes, Sir Frederik smirked.

"I do not want The Phantom's great name to be dirt thanks to someone like you, miss Luthor. "

With such a determined look, Sir Frederik turned to look at Winn. He stood still in front of the valet.

"Did I make myself clear? "

Winn had to grit his teeth before he could calmly reply to the old man.

"Yes, sir. "

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