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024. the end is near

|| JUST LIKE FIRE ||❝Just like fire, burningup the way, we could light the world upfor just one day

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❝Just like fire, burning
up the way, we could
light the world up
for just one day.❞


SECONDS PASTED SO quickly that I couldn't quite catch the exact moment when Katniss crawled to her feet. I couldn't place it, and I couldn't find any branch or synthetic tree to grip onto so I could see the place that she had fallen from or where the end of the wire had gotten to in the mess. I knew that Johanna had left us, and I knew that it wouldn't be hard for somebody else to find us as we stumbled to our feet- neither of us thought of that.

She dragged me up from the floor with all her strength left as a low roar resonated within her throat.

Once I was upright I could just about stand without wanting to fall back over again, even as the migraine began to thump louder then the liquid within my ears or the pounding of my feet into the roots and dirt. I was sure of it, so sure that I took my next step in line with the raven beside me before steadying my breath or clearing the heavy betrayal from my throat. We didn't have time to stop; I didn't have time to think about anything but who it was I could trust.

I blinked- the Girl on Fire's hair was stuck on one side of her face as she looked at me with slightly diluted eyes. I imagined that my eyes held the same confusion within them like the iris was just another glass cage after Johanna's hit, but it was my legs that felt the most delirious compared to everything else. With my next step, I stumbled.

"Katniss!" Peeta's voice rang out in the jungle.

The noise startled me; my hand automatically reached out for the blades on my back like I had done for years when I heard something that was just a little too loud, but today unlike many times before, my fingers brushed the edge of the handles.

"Lorna!" I knew it was Finnick's voice that had called out for me. The strain in it reminded me of the jabberjays, but this time there was a small difference in his voice. This time it was too real, and I could hear it bounce from tree to tree as clouds began to form over top.

"Fin-" I tried to call back.

It would of made it, perhaps a few syllables still managed to escape capture when Katniss sharply placed her hand around my mouth. I heard the muffled shout, but it was so restrained that it became impossible to hear it echo back towards the boys that had called for us. Katniss' eyes were wide; her mouth chapped as she pulled me to the ground.

My ears still slightly rang and my head pulsed in waves once I hit the floor once more; it was so intense as another army of delusion took over my head that I had to grip a fallen tree to steady myself. Katniss still had her hand around my mouth when I let out another hiss, however as I tried to take it off I stumbled apon a drop of blood that had crept it's way down my face.

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