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011. excuse me

|| HOUSE OF MEMORIES ||❝when your fantasy,becomes your legacy,promise me a placein your house ofmemories

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❝when your fantasy,
becomes your legacy,
promise me a place
in your house of


THE INTERVIEWS HAD ended in uprising.

The tributes were sent to their rooms, and the affluent members of the Capitol were left with an earthquake between them and the games ( something they held too close to their chests) that made it seen like it wasn't possible to continue, even if they knew the earthquake would stop. Eventually, it would turn into a tremour that planes could fly despite of -like the plane that would take us to the arena- and then, it would just be a memory that somebody could add to the history books.

I didn't have much hope; I had the same amount inside of me when I caught the letter an Avox had been trying to stuff through my room's door, or after I had read the letter and decided that I would give the writer one more chance. Why not? I thought after taking a moment to stare that the night sky that looked like it had been cleared of all clouds; I was certain I had sealed my fate before I even took the first step out of the door.

Sparky, meet me on the roof when you get this.

➳Fish face.

It didn't matter what he had to say, or if it was him that wanted to say something at all, when my words were so prominent in the sea of tribute interviews. In this water, Finnick wasn't the predator- I was the tiger shark that would get hunted as much as it killed in the end, and it would be me thay stained the crystal water pink. In that sea Finnick was a dolphin that could watch the shark swim, even when it never actually got in the way. In that scenario, I was the one that swam the fastest.

And yet I no longer planned on swimming alone.

Instead my plan was tainted by the fish I wanted to kill, or by the ones that wanted to help me sustain my life. In this case Carmella was the one that played through my mind until the elevator door opened with a small hush, and her plan for me that I would adapt ever so slightly to create a better result.

When I looked out, it reminded me of each and every time I had been lead to the roof before.

It never changed; no matter how much I or the people around me had the roof was just the same as it was when I first found it. The railings were polished and the chairs were still positioned just far enough away for nobody to get hurt and the view- it was beautiful. I watched the stars as I walked towards the chairs, then at Finnick who was watching me from the railing.

"Why are we here?" I asked while I scanned him. He was wearing a sweatshirt that looked like it was years old, and increadibly similar to the one he wore when he first found me.

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