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alright alright it's a hell
of a feeling though.❞

I. Thirty seconds to mars~ This is war | II. Twenty øne piløts~ car radio | III. logic ft. Alissa Cara~ 1-800-273-8255 | IV. Muse~ Starlight | V. Sigrid~ strangers | VI. Kanye West~ power | VII. Imagine dragons~ thunder | VIII. NF~ let you down. | IX. Imagine dragons~ not today | X. Portugal. The man~ feel it still. | XI. Panic at the disco~ house of memories. | XII. My Chemical Romance~ Na Na Na | XIII. Fall out boy~ Stay frosty royal milk tea. | XIV. X ambassadors~ jungle | XV. Selena Gomez ft. Marshmallow ~ wolves | XVI. Naughty boy ft. Beyonce~ runnin' | XVII. Killers~ Mr. Brightside. | XVIII. 30 seconds to mars~ dangerous nights | XIX. Clean bandit ft. Julia Michaels~ I miss you | XX. Bastille~ good grief. | XXI. One republic~ secrets. | XXII. Billie Eilish~ ocean eyes | XXIII. All time low~ kids in the dark | XXIV. Pink~ just like fire | XXV. Halsey~ ghost |

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