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019. death becomes her

|| I MISS YOU ||❝I know we're notsupposed to talk, butI'm getting ahead ofmyself, I get scared when we're not

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|| I MISS YOU ||
❝I know we're not
supposed to talk, but
I'm getting ahead of
myself, I get scared
when we're not.❞


AS KATNISS EVERDEEN sat with Wiress in the water, I took my place beside them.

It was scandalous, even more so then the almost fight that occured between my friend and the girl I was trying to sacrifice myself for; Johanna had been taken to the other end of our long stretch of beach before I could say a word. She wanted me to come with her, to listen as she shot metaphorical lazers at the girl who was simply trying to stop some violence.

I couldn't, not with who went right beside her.

So I pretending wholeheartedly to help the Girl On Fire as she threw the water over Wiress' aging skin in an attempt to make her pink instead of red, when in reality all I was doing was watching the waves flow back and forth between us and the metallic Cornucopia that it was being disturbed by.

Each time it came towards me I felt it push ever so tenderly against my legs, like it was warning us of what the middle of the dome meant to those that were brave enough to go inside of it. It was a friend, the whites of it's body were so light that they would disperse at the slightest of touch or violent contact, only to crawl back to each other when it was forced back to the middle again.

The water was so soft, so gentle, that it was improbable that I could see it as anything other than a living being.

It was still angry, hungry for blood and death as it lapped up each pink tricle that came from Wiress' extra layer of red like it needed it for itself. Like it's own blood had been spilled so consistently that it needed someone else's to keep it moving; it wasn't hard to think about that in the Hunger Games.

It wasn't hard at all to be reminded of a wounded body when that was all that anyone cared about- although this one reminded me of one in particular. I could feel Finnick's eyes on me as I thought about how similar the water was to Remy Titan- not literally of course- but I still saw how smugly tragic he would point if I ever admitted it out loud.

But it was true, the water was so calming as it comforted the parts of me that it could reach, and it was still strong enough to leave me off of my feet if I wasn't paying close enough attention. It helped us live, albeit this time because of the fish within it instead of looking out for us specifically, and it was big enough to surround the whole of me when it really stretched itself. Remy's hugs made me feel like I was underwater; warm and safe with a blanket of security around me while I flied across the sky.

But, it left every other beat because it was being dragged towards something else.

The similarity was astounding, so much so that I had to use every fibre within me to try and think through what Wiress was saying instead of just watching it. Not that I would of missed anything anyway, she had said the same two words for hours.

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