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005. These funny things

|| STRANGERS ||❝we're the broken beauties, blindfolded minds collide and we fall

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❝we're the broken
beauties, blindfolded
minds collide and we


IT WAS FUNNY how often people chose to forget things that they used to remember- things that they use to rely on more than the sweet relief of fresh oxygen or the taste of pure energy that passed their lips whenever they got so much as a morsel to eat. Funny, how hard it was to recall the smell of grass after it had just rained or the noise of the generators that once were placed right outside people's homes; even the way a certain somebody greeted those around them could be forgotten in a matter of seconds.

I always found myself forgetting the little things, because there was too many big things filling up it's space.

I had forgotten about how strange the three Capitol women were when they really found their voices; they chatted and gossiped like no time had passed from my first games and honestly, I had really not thought about the headache it seemed to give me each time I was put through it. It slipped by in the rush of a night without sleep, and a morning when the images of my dreams once again found it's way into my real world- such as the red lip stick one of the three women had suggested for my look.

It was the colour of fresh blood- rather obviously.

Another thing that I has forgotten was the panic that the preparation for the parade brought on me, or the calm that replaced it once I had made my way through the team and into where Carmella had been hiding away. It had been two days, and yet I looked at my stylist like it had been years since I had seen her when she hid me with her, because I had forgotten what it was like to have her around.

I had forgotten how comfortable it was for her to guide me with her arm around my waist, as she was tall enough to naturally keep it there while she worked, as well as how gentle she was as she pinned parts of herself onto my outfit with each stone that simmered or wire that pulled at my skin. I had momentarily ignored how many times she would make sure I was ok, or how thorough she would always be when it came to my family.

I had truly forgotten what it was like to have a friend around me, or the luxury of it being somebody that was my age.

"Lillian was left alone after she was hit; we got her back to Evelyn's sister's home when they took you away. They didn't do any real damage." Carmella muttered between stitches when she heard the door click shut.

I didn't think there was anything I could have said to that; I just nodded.

"It was a stupid thing for me to do," I sighed as I glanced down at my manicured hands.

Carmella took my hand in hers. Her nail polish was a glittery gold that was the somehow unable to remind me of the past- like she had chosen the colour so that I could look at her tanned hand in mine without feeling the deep rooted ache that had been forced on me before.

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