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020. til death do us part

|| GOOD GRIEF ||❝every minute andevery hour, I missyou, I miss you, Imiss you more

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❝every minute and
every hour, I miss
you, I miss you, I
miss you more.❞



His eyes had never been so detached from the element that the Gods above seemed to base them on; with each flick of his green iris, or the blue ring around the outside that reminded everyone of the water surrounding a patch of grass in a utopia, the colour changed. Like it had the ability to mutate so that it couldn't be responsible for the very thing that killed her, or the very thing that made his mind go into a frenzy of what ifs.

The main own was obvious, what if she wasn't breathing, and yet as he glanced further out from the Cornucopia floor he refused to believe that it could be true.

Instead he spent his time looking for her brown hair (that reminded him of the dirt that made everything grow so beautifully) or for her small legs that would surely be battered from the rocks in the water bed. He even looked out for the glisten of her two blades like they were pearls that he could sell for a fortune- he looked for anything that could take him to her before it was too late.

No matter what they had said to each other- no matter how many lies they had fed to make sure that the gravitational pull that brought him to her was never hungry- he couldn't deny the fear that struck him when he didn't find anything. Nothing; after barely half an hour he could do nothing more than sit on the beach and wait.

Peeta stood beside Finnick, his own blue eyes detached from the water as he waited for a head to sprout out through a whites in the waves. Although there was a part of him that knew what Lorna had done and for whom, the majority played over her fingers letting go of the knives with a fury that he would never show out loud. He hadn't known her long, but they had been allies before she let go so easily.

That had to count for something, right?

A tear still stained his rosy cheek, even if it hadn't been put there due to the possible loss of an ally, but because he knew that his love was safe. A love that had only not been saved by Lorna Titan, but who had been inspired so much by her that she insisted on keeping both him and Katniss alive. If he saw her again, Peeta Mellark would owe Lorna Titan his life twice over.

A life that ended as soon as the cannon sounded.

The whole alliance was unsure if Lorna was breathing or not, even the ones that had barely met the girl took a second out of their life to look up at the sky in worry, and then towards the beach that she should of walked out from. While most were worried for her, Beetee and Johanna had a second reason for the girl to be alive; Haymitch's words rang in their ears right where her voice should of been as they glanced around one more time.

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