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I sat in my chair, bored out of my mind in English. Remind me why I picked English? Oh yeah because I want to be a writer.

I continued staring into space. "Y/N". I jumped and gained my focus back on the teacher, Ms Brown. "Pardon" I said slowly shaking. "We are revising on some work, now please tell me what a pronoun is" she said calming, probably knowing I wasn't even listening.

I tried gulping, but nothing would go down. I didn't even know what a pronoun was, my brain was dead and I couldn't even think straight, everyone's eyes cut through me like lasers, I took a deep breath and answered with the only best answer I could.

"Ms, a pronoun is a professional noun" I said quietly coughing, everyone around me started to laugh, I grew nervous, not knowing if it was a good laugh or a bad laugh. Even my teacher starting giggling.

"No, what about you Marcus?" She said giggling. I sighed, now knowing it wasn't such a bad answer. How could my brain fail on me, I told myself looking at the time. AGAIN. Only 10 minutes, I should focus know, I thought, scratching my neck.


I rushed down to our eating area so I could hide from my English class. I walked around our area looking back until, "aghh" I screamed as I fell on top of someone. I looked down to she Tanner, "shit, I'm so sorry, I didn't even watch where I was going" I said as I got off him. "Haha it's alright, I wasn't watching either" he said fixing his shirt.

It felt like 3 minutes of silence, the only noise was the background noise of people talking and eating. There was something about Tanners eyes though, they were a nice ocean blue, his eyes were a perfect spring sky, his mind clear and his smile warmer than the gentle sun.

"Hey guys what's up?" Georgia said as she grabbed Tanner and my shoulders pulling us down. "Oh ugh nothing" I said blushing a bright shade of pink. "We were just talking" Tanner said with a wide grin.

"Let's leave early" Georgia said as she took her bag off and onto the table. "Sure" Tanner said as he shrugged, "what about you" he asked me, making me somewhat stutter not knowing what to say. "Um su-sure" I managed to get out.

Oh good what do I tell Leo? Why was I just gazing deep into Tanners eyes? I don't like him, do I? If I did I probably won't be leaving early to hang out with Georgia and Tanner so no, I don't. Leo's the only one I love and he'll forever be my baby.

"Oh hey, where's Leo by the way?" "Umm.. I think Charlie texted me saying Leo and him were gonna be in detention all lunch, to you know, finish work. Why? Did you want to see him?" Georgia said, winking and nudging my arm. "Of course I do" I said giggling and rolling my eyes.

"We should probably go know, where do you want to go?" Georgia asked both Tanner and I. "Cinema?" Tanner added, waiting for a responds from everyone. "Perfect!" I said giving Tanner a high five shortly after. We both giggled a bit as we waited for Georgia to answer. "I don't have any money on me" Georgia said with a frown.

"It's alright, I'll pay for everyone" Tanner said with a grin. "Are you sure?" "Of course" Tanner said as he pushed his hair back, away from his forehead.

"Fine but only if it's somewhat cheap" Georgia said hugging Tanner in thanking him. "Let's go" I said as I grabbed Georgia and Tanners hand, pulling them to hurry up faster.

We continued walking towards the cinema until Tanner began talking on the phone. Georgia and I looked at Tanner with a confused look.

"Oh I was just booking us a Uber so we could change first" he said, "if that's okay" he said rubbing the back of his neck. "Tanner, your the man" Georgia said loudly giggling to herself as I shock my head in disappointment.

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