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"BRO GET UP LETS GO HANG OUT" I heard as I open my eyes and see Charlie standing in front of me.

I groan and roll over so my backs facing him. "I'm not going, hang out with Georgia." "Can't, she's hanging out with y/n and told me to do whatever I want to." Charlie replied as the sound of his phone unlocks.

Hearing y/n's name really broke my heart. I hold my chest, in an attempt for it to stop aching but nothing works. "I'm too hurt" I manage to get out. "You miss her?" I take a deep breath before answering his question. "like crazy" I say closing my eyes. "Give her another chance" "I don't know" I replied, getting up to have a shower.


I got out the bathroom with my clothes on. "Nope! you gotta change. Isn't this Leo's hoodie?" Georgia said as she lifts the hoodie up from my shoulders. "It's comfortable." I groan. "But didn't you break up" she replied, giving me a smirk. "Don't even mention that again" I said wiping my face.

I turn around to get my phone from my bed side table. I'm not even gonna bother with putting makeup on, like I said who am I gonna impress. "Miss him don't you?" I hear as I take my phone of charge. I take a deep breath before answering her question. "of course" I say gulping and fighting back the tears.

"Let's go, we'll just get some starbucks and walk back home. Don't wanna be seen walking around with you" Georgia says as she nudges my elbow, making me giggle.


I really feel bad for Leo. I thought she was the one, and I still do. He just has to give her a second chance. After all he did also kiss Olivia.

As I wait for Leo to finish his shower, I get a text from Georgia.

Georgia ❤️
y/n still misses Leo... i really do feel bad for the both of them.

So I decided to call her.

"Hey? Hello?" "Hey baby" I replied "Am I on speaker?" "No why, what's up?" she said. "Well Leo also misses y/n, they both still really love each other, I think things can still work out. Try and get y/n to think about it and I'll do the same with Leo. "Gotcha babe, see ya soon" she replied "Love you" "Love you too Charlie" and she hung up.

Damn I love that girl. I'm gonna make her my wife.


As we were walking home with the starbucks, a guy walked up to me. "Um hey can I get your number, you look really pretty." he said "Oh my name is Darius" he said as he looked me straight in the eye. He's eyes were brown, just like Leo's. He reminded me so much of Leo as well.

"Sure, my name is y/-" "Nope gotta go" Georgia says as she pulled me away, dragging me towards the street to my house. "What was that for." I said, Georgia just ignoring me. "I'll talk to you later.


As I look for clothes I find some of y/n 's clothes, I sigh and put on some black ripped jeans and a white t-shirt.

I sit down on my bed waiting for Charlie to move. "Are we gonna go?" I said, a bit annoyed at him for making me get up and wait for him.

"Talk to me about y/n. What really happened" he said making me shocked. I tell him everything, even the part of me kissing Olivia. "I really regret it, but when I found out about y/n kissing Tanner, I flipped, it hurt"

"Do you ever think that maybe your on her mind, just as much as she's on yours?" he said making me think real hard. "Nothing has ever made me sadder than imagining myself not seeing her ever again." I let out, sniffing every couple of seconds. "Please talk to her, you clearly still love her, do something special, talk things out, maybe it's just a misunderstanding.

"Thanks bro" I said, "No problem, I'm gonna go now. Plan something cute, got it!" he said as he shut my door. Leaving me in my room but myself to plan something out.


After 5 minutes of walking in silence we make it to my house. I open the door and head straight upstairs and get the bag of chips and blocks of chocolate that we also got while we were out.

I sit on my bed and wait for Georgia. As I wait, I spot a lot of clothes belonging to Leo. My heart breaks a little at thinking of the fact that it's now over between us. I spot his shoes at the end of my bed. His favourite gucci snake shoes. I smile to myself when I notice the door open, I immediately shake out of my thoughts and put my hand under my chin.

"Now, tell me why you didn't let me give Darius my number" I said, now frowning. "Because! You still like Leondre" she said as she sat on my bed.

I look down to my hands and fiddle a bit. "You know, you both really miss each other" she said, making shivers run down my spine. "I know you really love him, because you don't hate him for breaking your heart." she said as I try to hold back tears. "I really don't hate him" I whisper to myself.

"Go talk to him when you can. And this time DON'T WAIT!" she said giggling, making me chuckle a bit. "Thanks best friend" I said, smiling at her, "No problem nerd" she said before leaving me there with my chocolate, chips and coffee.

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