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Bully (Chardre) by ZoZo_the_Unicorn
Bully (Chardre)by Zoe🌙🌹💘
'Why me?' I cried, feeling the tears stream down my cheeks for what seemed like the millionth time. 'Because I need you', he answered. • • In which Charlie is a bully...
The Only Reason || L.D by inhayled
The Only Reason || L.Dby SOPHIE
"Leondre Devries, Your the only reason I'm still alive"
First Word You Said by AlphaRunner
First Word You Saidby AlphaRunner
Ronin Lenehan is sister to the famous pop star Charlie Lenehan aka Melody in Bars and Melody. One day Ronin bumps into Charlie's band mate Leondre. The first word he say...
The Vampire (bars and melody fanfic) by HelenYoo1
The Vampire (bars and melody fanfi...by HelenYoo1
Leo ends up being lost in the woods only to be bit by a vampire!! Will he be able to lead a normal life, maybe fall in love, or is he doomed to spend the rest of eternit...
Hopeful (leondre devries fanfic) by stereokissmecharlie
Hopeful (leondre devries fanfic)by QueenPoppy
Poppy is a normal girl with a normal life. Her cousin Charlie invites her to stay with him and Leondre for the summer. When Poppy and Leo first meet, there is chemistry...
Never Knew | Bars&Melody Fanfiction | ✅ by xCarlyJx
Never Knew | Bars&Melody Fanfictio...by Carly💗
After Mia Roberts ex, Logan, breaks up with her, she's left in a devastated state. That was until she met Leondre Devries on the streets of Swansea, playing a guitar. F...
Band Class by EmilyDevries6
Band Classby Emily Espinoza
My first story so plz no hates. Smut.
Listen//Leondre Devries by CorbynsCookieMonster
Listen//Leondre Devriesby Leo:*breathes* me:*dies*
"Shut up and listen! I love you, ok?" •What happens when y/n falls for her best friend? Contains little smut, suicidal thoughts, and cutting....of you are unco...
Different [DISCONTINUED] by eres-una-angeles
Different [DISCONTINUED]by Nightmarish Daydreams
Two completely different people, brought together by their fathers. Mia is the definition of a people person. When she meets a certain semi-mute, blonde boy who never sm...
chardre one shots  by moniespie400
chardre one shots by moniespie400
What the title says WARRING THIS IS A BOY X BOY BOOK DONT LIKE IT DONT READ IT Disclaimer! I don't own anything or anybody!
Chardre To Far (18+) by LeoDevrise17
Chardre To Far (18+)by LeoDevrise17
So basically this story is about leo and Charlie living together after they won BGT in 2014 and since them Charlie And Leo end up falling in love and never get into a he...
Forever Yours - Leondre Devries- COMPLETED by fxck_malum_
Forever Yours - Leondre Devries- C...by fxck_malum_
Brooke Jamison goes to college and gets put in a unisex dorm room. Little did she know that she would fall deeply in love with this boy but then he becomes famous... She...
Stargazer 🌟 - Chardre by fluffychardre
Stargazer 🌟 - Chardreby Imkourtneyy
Nothing could stop him from looking at the sky. Charlie's is so confused about who he is and where he wants to go in life,he takes a walk to look for a sign. Like a mira...
The Janitor's Closet || Leondre Devries by blixciit
The Janitor's Closet || Leondre De...by ♡
I stood by the door and waited for her footsteps to fade away. But, when I tried to open the door again, I couldn't. It was locked. "What the hell?" I whisper...
Waiting for the sun (Leondre Devries) by the_greenie_
Waiting for the sun (Leondre Devri...by hate it here 😎
Book 1 Leondre likes this girl. She looks past the dark clothes and smiles. She sees cracks and instead of masking over, let's her light shine through. 'I don't wanna w...
The Boy || Leondre Devries  by cheerschardre
The Boy || Leondre Devries by cheerschardre
This is a story about Leondre Devries :) Hope you enjoy it as I'm not as good at writing stories If you don't like it feel free to stop reading :)
Perfect (Chardre) [COMPLETED] by brunettebesson
I'm very terrible at descriptions so I'm not even gonna try lmao This is a story about the singing/rapping duo called Bars and Melody, aka Charlie and Leondre, which mak...
The End ? -Chardre by unknown_lost_ni
The End ? -Chardreby nina
Leo and Charlie fall for each other but are they allowed to date? They're idols. What happens when Leo accidentally says something that destroys their friendship? Will...
Promise ~Leondre Devries~ by True_bambino
Promise ~Leondre Devries~by Sophie
Leondre Devries finally meets his princess. They do everything together, tell everything to each other and love each other. But something goes terribly wrong. Will ANYTH...