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As the both of us stared into each other's eyes we both began moving forward, closing our eyes as we lean in.

Both our lips slowly smash together. As he starts bitting my lower lip. This being my first kiss I follow his lead and continue moving at the same pace.

We both stop before we take things too far. My stomach filled with butterflies as I look at Leo in amazement. I literally just kissed the person I love most. "That was great" he smiled, making me blushed a bright red. "Yeah" I replied not knowing how.

I hear Charlie and Georgia walk down the stairs giggling, I quickly try walking up the stairs but feel a grip on my arm. "Hey, can I come with you?" Leo says smirking. "No! You perv" I blush and laugh as I continue walking to my room getting my things for the shower.

"You can shower first, it'll take me longer" I said, "you sure?" He asked "yes, but by yourself" I said laughing at his expression "fine" he pouted. Damn he's too cute I sighed as I jumped on my bed on my phone.

I scrolled through my phone and saw many bars and melody fan pages talking about if Leo has a new girlfriend, my heart dropped as I thought about fans not going to support me and Leo together.

I turned my phone off and felt my chest as my heart began hurting.

Leo left the bathroom with just a towel around this waist and came up to me. I gulped down the saliva that was stuck in my throat and blushed, as Leo bent down to kiss me, "showers free" he said smiling sweetly as I bit my lower lip.

I smiled and kiss his cheek, "thank you" I grinned as I entered the now free bathroom.


I couldn't control myself when I kissed y/n. I've been waiting to do it for so long now. I may have been a little horny but I will try to control myself since y/n deserves the world so if she's not ready it's okay.

I put my shorts on and walked downstairs without a shirt since my previous shirt is wet.

"Hey Charlie why do I always catch you making out with Georgia" I said rolling my eyes in annoyance. "Sorry bro, forgot you were virgin" "really what's that got to do with this" I said rolling my eyes and Georgia laughed at Charlie's comment.

"Let's watch a movie" Georgia suggested as she got up to pick a movie.

I felt lonely without y/n with me, she's doing something to me that is in a way making me change just to be with her and make her happy. It may be too soon but I'm for sure in love with her.


I exited the bathroom with my wet hair wrapped in a towel and grabbed my blow dryer in the bathroom drawer and started drying my hair.

Once my hair was half dried I put my phone on charge in my room and casually walked down the long stairs.

Seeing Charlie and Georgia cuddled up on the couch and Leo third wheeling. I giggled making Leo turn around facing me.

"Sorry" I mouthed making Leo question what I said.

He pat the empty space beside him on the couch and I slowly walked over to him. It was cold making me shiver every now and then. "Are you cold" Leo asked as I nodded resting my head on his bare chest.

He got up behind the couch and pulled out a jumper from his school bag that he left. "Use this" he smiled as I pulled the jumper around my neck, pulling it down to my thighs. Where it ended.

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