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I woke up to Leo's arm around my waist. I smiled at the fact that Leo was in my presence. I turned around to look at his sleepy face. I giggled as I got up to have a shower and clean myself.

As I was in the shower I remembered about Mia's party today that Olivia, Mia and Eva invited me too.


Once I finished the shower I got out and put a towel around my body, I opened the door to the bathroom and walked to my closet. "Hmm babe you look good" Leo stated in his raspy morning voice. "Perv!" I said throwing a shirt at him, making him chuckle. I sat on the bed next to him, "soo I was wondering if you wanted to go to a party tonight" I said soon getting up to get into something more comfortable.

I put on some underwear and one of Leo's hoodies and sat beside him, still waiting for an answer. "What time?" "9:30" I stated, "am or pm?" He said smirking, "hmm well the time is 10:45am now soo, what do you think?" I said hitting his arm playfully, "That hurt" he said, jokingly rubbing his arm, "yes or no?" I said frustrated "Sure" he replied with a grin.

"Have a shower and clean up, I'll make breakfast" I said walking out the room " you mean lunch?" Leo said with a loud chuckle "don't make me come back up to hit you" I yelled from downstairs, "okay okay sorry princess".


As I was preparing for lunch my phone vibrated. I was curious with what it was so I walked towards my phone @suhtorii tagged you in a post. I looked at it for a whole minute, what was it? I thought to myself. I quickly opened it and it was the photos Leo and I took on our first date. It was the all three photos, with the caption as mine 💜 I chuckled as I put my phone done after liking and commenting.

As I made Chicken Tikka Masala for Leo and I, I started thinking about our relationship. We've already done things and we are stronger then ever. No ones ever gonna ruin what Leo and I have.

As I was thinking I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist, I jumped as I felt Leo's bare hands hang from my waist to my thighs. I turned off the stove and turned around, "what are you do-" I stopped as I saw Leo close to me in only some basketball shorts. My eyes leaped from his face to his torso. I gulped, soon looking back up at Leo where I saw Leo smirking. I frowned, "ugh your annoying" I said hitting his chest and turning back around to prepare lunch, "how's my hoodie?" He asked, sitting down at the kitchen bench. "Great!" I said giving him his plate.


I was on my phone as there was nothing much to do, and my account on instagram had blown up, my instagram follower had increased dramatically, "Leondre Devries" I yelled, "yes my queen" "Let's watch a movie until it's 8:30pm I said, I looked at my phone before I put Netflix on, it was 7:20pm. Wow the whole day went to waste I sighed.


I put on Unsolved because I knew Leo liked Tupac, when I put it on I rushed upstairs to put the bed sheets and pillow cases in the washing machine. Once I finished I rushed downstairs with a blanket and cuddled up against Leo. After one episode finished I went upstairs to get ready.

I opened my closet to get one of the dresses Olivia picked out for me, I decided to pick the red dress. Once I pick my dress out I went in for a shower to wash my hair.

As I finished washing my hair I pulled my towel off from the hanger and wrapped it around my hair, I grabbed another towel to wrap around my body. I got out of the shower, in front of the mirror to blow dry my thick, wet hair.

Once I finished I took out the hair curler and began curling my hair. As I finished my hair I grabbed my phone and checked the time 8:21pm, I still have awhile to do my makeup and get dressed. I thought to myself as I get up and continue my makeup. "Hey princess I'm going home to get ready I'll pick you up when I'm done" Leo says as I reply "okay" just before he shuts the door.


I finish my makeup and hang my towel up to dry and get into the dress Olivia gave me. I heard a knock at the door and quickly ran down, picking up a pair so black heels at the front door just before opening it.

"Hey babe" I say kissing Leo and holding his hand as we begin to walk there. Olivia sent me the address and I set it up on google maps and it says it's about a 5 minute walk.

"I thought you didn't like Olivia, Mia and Eva?" Leo questions as we walk slowly, hand in hand, "well first of all Eva and I are all good now and second of all I honestly don't know, I just thought I'd be fun to go to a party with my very handsome boyfriend" I say looking up at Leo with a small smirk, "so you think I'm handsome" he says pulling me into a tighter hug, I bit my bottom lip and look away, "maybe" I say making him chuckle.


As soon as we get to her house, I freeze in shock. It's massive, it's like a million dollar mansion. I gulp now sort of regretting my decision. "Let's go princess" Leo says, playing may hand along with him.

As we enter the house we a greeted with people that are popular and we are then greeted by people that aren't as popular.

"LEO!" I hear someone shout from the other side, I turn around to see Marcus, Georgia and Charlie that's waving for us to come over. I run up to Marcus and give him a big hug "long time so see" I say giggling as he lets go and puts his arm around my neck, "missed you girl" he said making me chuckle.

"Hey Y/N can I talk to you for a bit" I hear and see Georgia grabbing my arm and dragging me back outside, I managed to get a drink before we go. It was a long silence. I look at Georgia confused and tilt my head to the side, "Yeah" I say with a confused look, "did you even tell Leo" she says grabbing my hand with her arm above it ready to smack it, "no I didn't" I say looking down clenching my fists and flexing my arm I hopes it doesn't hurt as much.

"You should of" Georgia says walking away, "wait" I say grabbing her hand "stop" she says turning around, "I thought you knew better, now our whole friendship will be ruined" she says turning around again and disappearing in the crowd. Leaving me at the front sobbing into my hands.

A/N~ she's already lost her best friend, will she lose someone else?

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