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I sat down with Georgia and Charlie, I just couldn't stop staring at Charlie I needed and wanted to know if he was Charlie Lenehan he looked actually like Charlie but I didn't know because I've never met them.

Georgia: wanna order the drinks now?
Y/N|Charlie: yeah
Georgia: ok haha what do yous want? *asking both of us*
Y/N: hmm.... I'll get a Carmel Frappuccino
Charlie: I'll get hot chocolate please babe
Y/N: I'll come up with you to order them Georgia.
Georgia: ok

When Georgia and I ordered the drinks we waited while we waited I asked some questions about Charlie

Y/N: soo what's Charlie's last name?
Georgia: Lenehan... why?
Y/N: *omg omg omg* oh I was just wondering

What?!? Is my best friend dating Charlie Lenehan?! The guy I've been obsessing over I can't believe it!!

Man: Georgia, Charlie, Y/N

We walked over to the man and got our drinks. Once we got back to the table Charlie whispered something to Georgia.


I had to ask Georgia if we were going to tell Y/N about our secret so I whisper in her ear.

Charlie: are we going to tell Y/N about the secret? *whispering*
Georgia: yes but not now though, I don't know what her reaction will be
Charlie: ok


It annoyed me that Charlie and Georgia were whispering because I couldn't here them

We talked for a bit about school and what we wanted to do for the weekend when it was 10:00am I looked at my phone and noticed that I had Charlie as my home screen I quickly turned my phone off and looked at Charlie and smiled, lucky he was to busy talking to Georgia.

Y/N: hey I should go it's been 2 hours haha
Georgia: ok but before you go I need to tell you something...
Y/N: uh... ok sure what is it?
Charlie|Georgia: 3,2,1 go....

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