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The Janitor's Closet || Leondre Devries by blixciit
The Janitor's Closet || Leondre ♡
I stood by the door and waited for her footsteps to fade away. But, when I tried to open the door again, I couldn't. It was locked. "What the hell?" I whisper...
Story of Simon Cowell's daughter by xTeodorax
Story of Simon Cowell's daughterby Teodora
Ann Julie Cowell is a daughter of Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul. When her parentsbreak up in 2012 and her dad gets baby with Lauren Silverman she stays at home with her g...
The Boy || Leondre Devries  by cheerschardre
The Boy || Leondre Devries by cheerschardre
This is a story about Leondre Devries :) Hope you enjoy it as I'm not as good at writing stories If you don't like it feel free to stop reading :)
One Love Leondre x Reader by Lucy_Lou_x
One Love Leondre x Readerby Lucy_Lou_x
Another fanfic to go with the collection Leondre x Reader Just by mistake, or coincidence that you two meet, but does this love at first sight ends? Or does it continue...
Bars and Melody: Chardre Smut by NewOrder_Republic
Bars and Melody: Chardre Smutby NewOrder_Republic
Charlie Lenehan and Leondre Devries and best friends and part of an iconic pop duo called Bars and Melody. When their friendship comes into question and the truth is rev...
Addicted by writergirl222
Addictedby writergirl222
We were just two ordinary girls. United in our love for a duo named Bars and Melody. Little did we know that our lives were about to be thrown on a rollercoaster ride we...
Different [DISCONTINUED] by eres-una-angeles
Different [DISCONTINUED]by Nightmarish Daydreams
Two completely different people, brought together by their fathers. Mia is the definition of a people person. When she meets a certain semi-mute, blonde boy who never sm...
The reason I smiled | Leondre Devries//Bars And Melody fanfic by okcharliejones
The reason I smiled | Leondre a
What would you do when your best friend left you and you had no one? Well Beth found a new best friend, the one of her dreams and even better he's Leondre Devries.
Stay mine [leondre devries] by fanfixtions_
Stay mine [leondre devries]by Fan fictions
He made me feel so empty at the start, he'd pull me in as if our lips where about to create the worlds best speech but he'd just stop there breathing his eyes not even l...
The Only Reason || L.D by inhayled
The Only Reason || L.Dby SOPHIE
"Leondre Devries, Your the only reason I'm still alive"
Passion by _Smoking_Roses_
Passionby _Smoking_Roses_
°Chardre° °bars and melody° °boyxboy° °not annoyingly fast pace... at least I hope not...° °if you ship Chardre (or just cute boyxboy fics), then read to find out - that...
Perfect (Chardre) [COMPLETED] by brunettebesson
I'm very terrible at descriptions so I'm not even gonna try lmao This is a story about the singing/rapping duo called Bars and Melody, aka Charlie and Leondre, which mak...
Promise ~Leondre Devries~ by True_bambino
Promise ~Leondre Devries~by Sophie
Leondre Devries finally meets his princess. They do everything together, tell everything to each other and love each other. But something goes terribly wrong. Will ANYTH...
Brothers Best Friend » Leondre Devries  by drewcums
Brothers Best Friend » Leondre 𝐂.
[ COMPLETED ] Will he always be her brothers best friend, or will it turn into something more? - disclaimer, I wrote this years ago & it is terrible😅 I was going to de...
Zagrajmy w grę|L.D| by maybeimprincess
Zagrajmy w grę|L.D|by save that shit:)
Zasada jest jedna: osoba, która pierwsza się zakocha przegrywa. *** Najlepsze notowanie: #2 miejsce w ff 13.06.2016 ♥ #3 miejsce w ff-->30.05.2016 #4...
My Brothers Best Friend || Charlie Lenehan and Leondre Devries FanFic by jbhhannah
My Brothers Best Friend || hannah loves tom holland
You wouldn't describe Hannah's life as normal. It is far from normal. Especially when you throw in moving back with her mum and twin Leondre, Leondre's best friend Charl...
My Favs, Gallery✨( +TAGS) by adorablefanatic
My Favs, Gallery✨( +TAGS)by ★A.M.K★
High School Musical the musical the series, Descendants, Zombies , And basic Disney and other stuff . Pictures and well just see...! Also basically my favorite singers a...
Bars and Melody Imagines by Lucy_Lou_x
Bars and Melody Imaginesby Lucy_Lou_x
Some BaM imagines for you fans x
they don't know about us chardre ✅ by moniespie400
they don't know about us chardre ✅by moniespie400
this a love story of charlie lenehan (18 years old) and leondre devries (17 years old) aka BAM. they are a singing duo that were on Britain's Got Talent. WARRING: (T...