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Ariana's Little Sister by Disney_baby
Ariana's Little Sisterby Disney_baby
Skyler Grande, 14 years old living her not so normal life in Boca with her unhappily married parents. And yes, of course she is the sister of the Ariana Grande. As both...
Bully (Chardre) by ZoZo_the_Unicorn
Bully (Chardre)by Zoe🌙🌹💘
'Why me?' I cried, feeling the tears stream down my cheeks for what seemed like the millionth time. 'Because I need you', he answered. • • In which Charlie is a bully...
A Leondre Love Story by BamFanFictions
A Leondre Love Storyby Bars And Melody
My name is Lottie and this is my story.
Different [DISCONTINUED] by eres-una-angeles
Different [DISCONTINUED]by Nightmarish Daydreams
Two completely different people, brought together by their fathers. Mia is the definition of a people person. When she meets a certain semi-mute, blonde boy who never sm...
A thousand stars by georgiaa27
A thousand starsby •Georgia•
He reached out his hand and swept away the string of hair covering my dark eyes. "Your never alone... Nobody is.. Trust me." I looked up into the night sky abo...
Broken (A Bars and Melody fanfiction) by bamaremyidiots
Broken (A Bars and Melody bamaremyidiots
Katy's parents have had enough of Katy's behaviour. When they decide to send Katy to live with relatives in Wales, Katy's whole life changes. Katy is in for a serious at...
At The End of The Day (Bars & Melody: Chardre) by Riverian
At The End of The Day (Bars & Bri
Bars & Melody are an iconic singing/rapping duo who have gained their fame through BGT. They are loved by many fans not only for their music, but their relationship. Lat...
Moving in with Bars And Melody (Love hurts book one)  by PaigeTaylorOFC
Moving in with Bars And Melody ( Paige Taylor
Moving in with bars and melody. Love hurts book one. Jade is an ordinary girl from America that moves in with her Uncle Blair, who lives in London. Some of you may kn...
The reason I smiled | Leondre Devries//Bars And Melody fanfic by okcharliejones
The reason I smiled | Leondre a
What would you do when your best friend left you and you had no one? Well Beth found a new best friend, the one of her dreams and even better he's Leondre Devries.
Hush (choni) by toniTOPme
Hush (choni)by Madi 🧘‍♀️
Toni is little miss perfect. Her family owns a maple company business that is very popular in Riverdale. Her older brother sweet pea and jughead look out for her. Also h...
Chasing Normal || Leondre Devries by blixciit
Chasing Normal || Leondre Devriesby ♡
"The Janitor's Closet" Sequel! Does living 'happily ever after' really happen to people? It's always been made out to be perfect, right? Well if that's the cas...
Perfect (Chardre) [COMPLETED] by brunettebesson
Perfect (Chardre) [COMPLETED]by MEMENTO MORI
I'm very terrible at descriptions so I'm not even gonna try lmao This is a story about the singing/rapping duo called Bars and Melody, aka Charlie and Leondre, which mak...
Diary Devries (Leondre Devries) by katieeberryy
Diary Devries (Leondre Devries)by katieeberryy
Taylor and her best friend Leondre Who turns into a popular rapper known basically worldwide See what happened between them before he became so well known and after...
Be strong, please!  ❤‎ by chraboll_15
Be strong, please! ❤‎by róża
Kolejny dzień w szkole. Kolejne wyzwiska. Kolejne blizny. łzy, których już nie potrafię hamować. Kolejne łzy, które pokazują moją cholerną słabość. Kolejny raz widz...
Don't forget me? by Hey_its_sophiex
Don't forget me?by Hey_its_sophiex
***COMPLETE*** sequal out now, called forever and always... We always dream of our true love, the ones that make us feel complete. We never know when they might just pop...
Loving You by bamforeverx
Loving Youby bamforeverx
It's Your First Day Of School And You've Got To Get Through The Last 4 Weeks Left. Cheerleaders, Dreamy Boy, And Lots More Drama To Come! Can You Survive School?
Just A Chardre Story. by ashtonsbrokendrum
Just A Chardre :)
Just another cringy chardre fanfiction sorry if it's not good at all its my first story I'll try to updade as quick as I can Thanks for reading ❤️ **disclaimer** I ended...
Just Roommates? [Under Construction] by pennywhoretheclown
Just Roommates? [Under 🍄ᗯIᒪᗷᑌᖇ🍄
Your parents have always been close friend's with the Wolfhard's. But you've never met them. One day your mom says that their son Finn is staying with you the whole summ...