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It felt like decades before I heard a knock on the door. I ran up to be greeted by Georgia and Charlie

"Finally, thought you'd never came." I laughed as Georgia and Charlie made themselves at home.

Next was Leo, and Marcus not being able to come because he's with a special someone. Once we all came I brought out some food and drinks and we tried to decide what game we should play.


"What was that for?" I whispered to Charlie, "we should play a game and maybe do a YouTube video? Since we need to do one" "still did you need to elbow me in the ribs?" I said rubbing my rib cage. "Sorry, I'll tell Georgia"


Me and Georgia where deciding what game we should play. "No no no we should play truth or dare" Georgia said whining, "why not something else".

After 5 minutes Leo and Charlie come back suggesting truth or dare. "Hey, umm.. just so you know me and Charlie are YouTubers so we like post videos and sing a bit" I smiled at him saying "it's fine baby" a massive grin spread across his face as he helped Charlie set the camera up.

Leo and Charlie sit on the couch and start their video "Hey guys, we're bars and melody" they both didn't their normal intro and told everyone what we were going to do.

Georgia and I entered the video, Georgia sitting next to Charlie and me sitting next to Leo. Once we got everything sorted it was now time for the game.

Charlie twitted asking for people to send in truth and dares. We waited and after 1 hours, their were plenty. We continued the video.

The order was oldest to youngest, Charlie being the oldest and me being the youngest. "Truth or dare hmm, Leo" "Dare" Leo confidently said. "Hmm, let me find one" Charlie laughed showing his cute dimples. "Okay, okay the bambinos dare you to change your Instagram profile picture to a toe" Charlie laughed showing the dents of his dimples. "Oh god" Leo laughed awkwardly.

"Do mine" Georgia laughed. "Nope, they sent one as well" Charlie giggled as he showed Leo. "Leo covered his face, as he set up his new profile picture. "Charlie, truth or dare" Georgia asked, smirking. "Truth" Charlie said, "is Chardre real?" Leo looked at me in embarrassment as Charlie firmly answered "if you want it to be". Making Georgia laugh about the whole situation.

"Y/n, truth or dare" Leo asked, hmm, what should I choose. I was deciding whether or not to choose dare. "Dare" I confidently said. "Jump in the pool fully clothed and stay like that for the whole video" Leo smirked. I looked down at my clothes, a white shirt. "Fine" I smiled and walked outside to the pool. I sighed as Charlie ran out with the camera. "3, 2, 1, gooo" Georgia and Charlie giggled as I jumped in, quickly swimming to the top as the water was freezing.

Leo walked up to me and trying to help me up, as he brought his hand out I pulled him in, making him fall into the pool. Both Charlie and Georgia screamed in laughter as they ran in holding hands.

I'm actually glad that didn't end up as a flop. I said to myself as I climbed out the pool, "hey where are you going" Leo smirked, "oh I was umm.. gonna change into my swimmers" I lied as Leo jumped out. "I'll come with you" he smiled "really Leo you don't have to, just play with Charlie until I come back"

He pouted making me fall more in love with him, "ugh your too cute to say no to" I said as I grabbed Leo's hand, making him smile.

I walked upstairs and walked to the furthest room, which is mine. "Wait outside for me" I said, Leo nodding in understanding. I shut my door and rushed to my closet, looking for a good bikini that fits me.

As I finished putting on my bikini I opened the door and as soon as I did I was tackled by Leo, he held me tight against the wall looking deep into my eyes.

His cold, wet, white shirt against my belly, making me flinch from the coldness and closeness. We stayed like this for about 2 minutes and Leo suddenly made his move.

He slowly moved his face closer to mine as the both of us closed our eyes. "Honey I'm home" my mum said from downstairs making me and Leo move as fast as we could from our previous position.

Leo left first as I stayed in my room trying to catch my breath. Wow. I was just about to kiss the person I'm madly in love with but my mum had to ruin that by coming home early. I hit my head on the wall a couple of times and walked downstairs once I was ready.

"Oh y/n, I actually forgot something at work is it okay if I quickly go back?" "Yeah mum it's okay" I softly sighed. "I'll be back, if your friends are staying over do you want me to bring pizza over?" As soon as I heard pizza my mood changed "yes yes yes, wait let me ask them" I said as I ran outside. "Hey, do you guys want to stay over tonight?" I asked "yeah, my mums not home anyway" Charlie said as he looked at Georgia, "I'll just need to text my mum" she said as she got out the pool. "Leo?", "huh, oh yeah sure" he said smiling.

I ran back to my mum, passing Georgia on the way as she gave me a thumbs up "yep, they are staying over" I said half out of breath. "Okay, I'll go get some pizza on my way back" she replied.

We all played in the pool a bit longer until it got quite dark, "Can I have a shower first?" Georgia asked "I will go with her" Charlie smirked "ehh, yeah just no monkey business" I rolled my eyes smiling. Charlie and Georgia going to the bathroom.

"Hey, about early I didn't mean to make things awkward" Leo said looking down at his feet, I got up and sat next to him, giving me butterflies as I felt his warmth, "it's okay" I said pulling his face up so he looks at me.

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