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Just then the bell rang and I groaned knowing I have business in a few minutes. God I can't wait to leave to college.

"Seriously this bell needs to change" Georgia says as she rolls her eyes and grabs Charlie's arm.

"I need to go, my teacher's strict and she's always early. Meet me at the front" I say as I hug Leo and walk to class, blushing because I know what Georgias thinking.

I jogged up the two long stairs and rushed into class hoping she's not inside yet.

I sit down with Eva because she's my only friend in this class and get my books out. Quickly putting them on the desk.

"Everyone get out your books" my teacher, Mrs Garcia said, standing up as she started her lesson.

Making us write every long slide down as note taking within 2 minutes.


10 minutes before the bell rang I texted Leo on Snapchat, just to try make his day, just like he did for me.

I smiled as I wrote the long paragraph. Hoping he'll love it.


As I was finishing changing as I had just finished HPE I heard a Snapchat notification.

                     Princess 💜 is typing...

                           From Princess 💜

I smiled just seeing her name on my phone. I entered Snapchat, cautiously looking around so I won't get in trouble.

                   From Princess 💜

I can't believe there was a time in my life when I didn't have you. I can't believe there were mornings where I didn't wake up next to you. I can't believe there were evenings where I didn't kiss you goodnight. I can't believe there were days where I didn't think of you and jokes I didn't share with you. You have become a part of me and who I am, and I am so thankful for it. I'm just as crazy about you today as I was when we first started dating, and every day I fall in love with you a little bit more. You mean so much to me baby. I love you.

I wiped my eyes making sure no one saw me blush and quickly, impatiently waited for the bell.


"You are dismissed" my angry, annoyed teacher said as she sat back down going on her laptop.

I rushed downstairs to the front, getting their before anyone else.

I gasped in shock as I felt arms wrap around my waist. It's Leo. I thought turning around to kiss him, smiling in between kisses.

"Get a room" Charlie says as he wraps his arm around Georgias shoulder. I roll my eyes and wrap my arms around Leo's waist.

As we head out the gate we walk the same direction until we stop at the first house. Georgia. "Okay guys I'll see you tomorrow" she says giggling about our previous conversation about Leo and I. "Bye" I say rolling my eyes at her silliness.

"Who's next?" Charlie asks, as we all head for the next persons house. "Me" I say smiling. I look at Leo side on with a smirk, "your leaving me already?" Leo says as he slowly frowns looking down at me "yes, with Charlie" I reply, looking up at him.

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