chapter six

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"Holy shit, I'm going crazy."

Adelaide was convinced that she was going crazy.

She had already ate a total of seven chocolate bars, wrappers all over her floor, and sucked on five lollipops and three pieces of hard candy.

In short, she was stress eating.

After a few deep breaths she decided that she knew one thing for sure. She did not want to be alone in her small house right now. Or tonight.

She decided to take the phone book out of her book shelf in her room and sat on her rug, rummaging through it. She went through the M's.

After finding Marsh, which was at the beginning of the section, she took her pastel pink phone and dialed the number. When she heard the other line pick up, she breathed out. "Beverly?"

"Adelaide? What's up?"

"I was wondering if you could come over?"

"Um..." there was a pause and some shuffling across the phone line. "I have a curfew... I'm really sorry."

Adelaide tried her best to not sound shaky over the phone. "Right. That's cool. Another time?"

"Yeah, definitely," Beverly assured.

"'Kay. Bye, Bev."

She hung up the phone and slouched in her seat on the ground.

There was only one person she knew would not pass up an opportunity to be welcomed into Adelaide's humble home.

As she went through the phone book and into the T section, she scrunched her face up. Never in her life did she think she would be doing this. She hesitated before landing her finger on the home number, dialing it into her phone and hearing it ring next to her ear.


Adelaide froze and nervously searched for a chocolate bar in anxiousness. The unfamiliar voice of a woman shocked her. "Hi, um, is Richie there?"

She heard a muffled 'Richie!' before she heard his mother say, "There's a girl on the phone, hun."

She could hear Richie sigh over the phone. "Eddie, if this is about that magazine I gave you—"

"Um, Richie?"

Richies mouth gaped as he froze. Richie thought, Is this Addy, or does Eddie really sound like a girl right now? "Addy?" He asked, his eyes wide, huger than normal behind his bubble glasses.

"Yeah, it's me," she said, smiling in relief. "Listen, this is extremely... farcical, but..." she was mentally slapping herself for being so bad at these things, rolling her eyes at her own stupidity. "Are you free right now?"

Richies heart went from zero to one hundred real quick. "Am I being pranked?"

She bit her lip to contain her smile. "Could you... come over?" Her eyes turned into thin slits as she cringed at herself.

"Come over...?"

"To my house."

He dropped the phone and held a hand over it, breathing out, "Holy fuck."

Thank god she didn't hear it.

"Yeah, I can," he said, in a tone that Adelaide could clearly tell he was trying to sound calm and composed.

"Great," she said. "Um... come over whenever. I'll explain when you get here."

"Yeah, sure," he breathed, almost in denial that this was actually happening.

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