chapter thirteen

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Addie and Richie spent the day together in the arcade. Richie sacrifices his saved up coins and let Addie try some of his favorite games.

Adelaide will always be the only person he lends his coins to. Nobody else is worthy of taking his precious playing time away from him.

Also, Richie and Adelaide stopped by the junkyard previously to find Adelaide a new bike. It wasn't perfect, but it was something.

Adelaide got home, took a shower, and happily looked up at her ceiling. She sucked on a lollipop as she was deep in thought.

Things have been going well lately for her. She wondered what the rest of the group was doing. They can't stay mad at each other forever, right? Maybe she could somehow bring them back together.

Her eyes averted to the hole in her closet door.

It was weird to Adelaide that IT had never used her parents against her.

She just now realized, but deep down, her fear had always involved her parents leaving her. Tight spaces make her want to die, sure, but something that could break her, potentially...

She scrunched her face up and flipped over on her bed, shaking her head to get rid of the thought. She can't be thinking about that. Everything is good, now. All she needs is Richie.

Her pastel pink phone ringing makes her jump in surprise, her heart skipping a beat. She sighs and stands up, walking over to the phone and holding it up to her ear.

"Hello?" she says.

"Adelaide," Bill says through the phone.

"Bill? Is something wrong?" she asks.

"Adelaide, I-I need you and R-Richie to meet us at the arcade. W-We need to go b-back," he says, sounding frantic.

"What?" Her heart pounds in anxiety. "What happened?"

"IT got Beverly."

Adelaide froze, and almost broke down, but those were all the words she needed to hear. Lifting her chin, she says into the phone, "Be there in a few."

Then, she hangs up, grabs her shoes, and throws her hair back. She leaves the house, hops on her bike, and goes to Richie's house.

She knocks on his door about a thousand knocks per second and doesn't stop until Richie barges through the door, asking, "What the hells up with the wack knocking—"

"Richie, we need to go help Beverly," she blurts, sounding strict.

Something flashes through Richie's eyes, and he purses his lips. "What?" he asks, even though he knew exactly what she said.

"Let's go. Now."

Richie knew he had to listen to Adelaide. So, the two got on their bikes and sped down the streets of Derry, their hearts beating wildly in their chests.

The atmosphere in front of the Neibolt house was tense.

Although the Losers had not been all together for a while, it wasn't awkward because of that. It was because they were back at the Neibolt house.

Adelaide gulped as she looked up at it, and everybody began preparing. She gripped tightly onto her baseball bat as she imagined what would be inside.

Suddenly, Richie chucks a dry, glass bottle onto the railing, causing everyone to look towards him. He shrugged in disappointment once he saw it was not fit to be a weapon, and dropped it on the ground.

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