chapter five

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"Bust it."

The radio played as Adelaide and Beverly lay in the sun, Adelaide's bangs pinned out of her face so her full face could tan.


If a camera were to snap a picture right now, it would be comedic. Five half naked boys staring straight at two half naked girls, their faces dumbfounded.

Richie, however, could not take his eyes off of Adelaide only.

"You think they're staring?" Adelaide mumbled to Beverly as quiet as possible.

"They're definitely staring," Beverly mumbled back, both of their bodies unmoving.

Adelaide slowly stood up, not opening her eyes until she was sure the boys were done looking, which, they all had turned their heads in time.

She looked over at the group of boys, rubbing her eyes, since they had been shut for so long. She sat like that for a bit, not feeling like getting up.

Richie, in boredom and curiosity, looked down to see Bens backpack. He opened it and rummaged through it, seeing plenty of books and papers. In a British accent, he exclaims, "Newsflash, Ben. Schools out for summa!"

"Oh, that's not school stuff," Ben simply said.

"Who sent you this?" Richie asked, taking out a small postcard. Ben quickly snatched it from his hands, muttering 'no one!'

Adelaide decided to stand up while Richie took out a folder filled to the brim with paper. She leaned over in front of Richie, not even noticing she was giving him a perfect show of her chest, and her eyes trailed across the papers inside the folder that Richie held.

When she looked up at Richies face, he was totally engrossed in the sight in front of him, and she scrunched her face up in embarrassment. She grabbed the folder from his hands and stood up straight, handing the folder to Bill as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"What is all that?" Adelaide decided to ask Ben. 

"Well, when I got here, I didn't really have anyone I knew. So I just spent time in the library."

"You went to the library? On purpose?" Richie asked him, obviously confused.

As Adelaide took a lollipop from her jeans pocket that lay on the ground, she mumbled to Richie, "That's what you should be doing."

Beverly said something about how she wanted to see, and stood up and sat next to Bill.

Adelaide took a seat on the rock beside Richie, shivers being sent down her arms as soon as their bare skin brushed against each other. Both of their hearts fluttered.

"What's the black spot?"

"It's this night club that was burnt down a while ago by that racist cult," Eddie said.

"How do you know that?" Stan asked him.

"From Geraldo," Adelaide said, unwrapping her lollipop and beginning to lick it.

Eddie appreciatively nodded his head at Adelaide. "Right. Exactly."

"Y-Y-Your hair..." all heads turned to Bill, looking at Beverly beside him.

"Your hair is beautiful, Beverly," Ben smiled.

"Oh, thanks," Beverly said, her lips turning upwards a bit.

In the awkward silence, Adelaide simply sucked on her lollipop. That escalated quickly.

Richie, who liked the idea, quickly and casually turned to Adelaide. "Your hair is beautiful, Ad—"

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