chapter fifteen

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"So, I was thinking..." Richie starts, laying on Adelaide's bed and staring at the ceiling.

"That's never good," Adelaide mumbles, combing her bangs carefully in the mirror while sucking on a lollipop.

"Since school starts tomorrow, I had this great idea!" he says, sitting up excitedly.

Adelaide hums in response, not paying close attention, but rather looking closely at which necklace she wanted to wear. "Richie, which one?" she asks.

He gets off of the bed and walks towards her, looking over her shoulder to her desk, where three necklaces were placed.

He makes eye contact with her through the mirror and says, "If I pick, will you listen?"


Richie didn't find the point in picking a necklace, since she would look gorgeous regardless, but he wanted to make sure she was happy. So, he pointed to the one with a small butterfly on the end.

She nods. "Correct," she smiles.

He scrunches his face up at that, but ignores it. If he picked a different one, he wondered, would it be wrong? He dismissed the thought with a simple explanation: classic girlfriend things. "Back to my idea! So, we go to the library after school, and we role play as teacher and student. You know, you say I've been very naughty, and then you punish me by—"

"Richie!" she exclaims, turning around to face him. "That is, and will always be, a fantasy." She scrunches her nose up. "Scratch that. Don't even think about that!"

"I can't help it!" he defends.

Right now, Adelaide is getting ready to meet the man and woman that could potentially adopt her. Since Maggie is leaving for college in a month, Adelaide needs real parents. So, this is her opportunity.

"Why am I dating you again?" Adelaide mumbles, a soft smirk resting on her face.

They hear the front door open downstairs, and Adelaide yells a quick "Hey, Maggie!"

Richie answers Addie's question, "Because you loooooove me." He leans in for a kiss, and she quickly puts her hand on his chest.

"Richie, I just did my lipgloss," she says, gently pushing him away.

He pouts. "Just for a minute?"

She looks at him pouting, and she tries not to smile. How could she resist him when he looks at her like that?

"Fine," she says, letting him lean in to connect their lips.

Without breaking apart their lips, Richie sits down on the stool next to her and gently continues the kiss.

Kissing was still kind of awkward between the two, since they've only been dating for about a month. Richie didn't really know where to put his hands, neither did Adelaide, and sometimes she would bump into his glasses. It didn't matter, though. They were happy doing it anyway.

Suddenly, her bedroom door is swung open and a familiar voice yells, "Adelaide! I'm back!" in a sing song voice.

Richie and Adelaide freeze and then their heads turn rigidly towards the entrance to her room.

Jessica Wheeler stands in the entrance, her face looking like she doesn't know what the hell is going on. She looks like she just saw someone get shot.

She drops her small present and it lands with a soft thud. Adelaide practically felt her heart fall out of her ass.

How could she forget Jessica was coming home today?!

"Oh my god!" Jessica says, whipping a finger towards Richie in accusation. "Rape! Raaaape!"

"Excuse me?" Richie says, standing up and putting his hands on his hips. "This is very consensual, actually."

"Jessica, um... I'm— or, we're— Richie and I— are dating," Adelaide says, trying to make sense of the situation.

Adelaide forgot that last time she was with Jessica, Richie Tozier was a complete joke to them! For her to walk in on them kissing is absolutely crazy for Jessica.

Jessica starts cracking up. Richie and Adelaide look at each other, not knowing what to do. Jessica stops abruptly and says, "No, seriously. What's going on?"

"You heard her," Richie smirks. "We're dating."

So, Richie headed home, and Adelaide sat on her bed with Jessica. She explained everything (not really everything, since she left out the killer clown) that happened all summer, and how Richie happened to win her over.

Turns out, Jessica actually found a boyfriend in Florida. So, the two talked about their boys for a while, before Adelaide said, "Oh, I have to go. I might be about to get adopted."

Jessica puts a hand on her forehead and laughs. "Wow, a lot of shit really did happen while I was gone." Then, smiling brightly, she remembered something. She hopped off of the bed and grabbed the present off of the floor, handing it to Adelaide. "It's a souvenir."

Adelaide smiles and reaches out her hand, when Jessica gasps, horrified. "What the hell happened to your hand?!"

Adelaide looked down, remembering that she still had a large scar on her palm from the day the Losers made a pact.

Adelaide says in a serious tone, "It was how I got initiated into the gang I'm in."

Jessica rolled her eyes. "Whatever. Your life got too weird for me to keep track of."

On their first day of school, the Losers ate lunch together, including Jessica. Turns out, Jessica actually thought Eddie was pretty cute. (Although, Jessica states: "I would never go for a loser like him, though. Even if he is—" she giggles "—pretty cute.")

Adelaide watched as everyone at the lunch table talked amongst themselves, making offensive jokes towards each other. She slowly took in each one of their hands and their scars, and she smiled.

She threw her lollipop into her mouth and smiled.

She finally found where she belongs, even with Greta's rude remarks and bitchy comments.

Sitting with the biggest losers in the school, there was nowhere else Adelaide would rather be.

"Hey, I have something else you can suck on—"

Oh, yeah. How could she forget about him?

"Very funny, Richie."

"Yeah, so... about that role play..."

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