chapter twelve

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Richie didn't kiss her back.

Adelaide pulls her head back with her eyes as wide as saucers and she backs away, running into the bed, causing her to fall back onto it. She grabs her mouth with her hand and blurts, "Sorry!"

Richie is standing there, his bug eyes extremely wide, just looking shell shocked.

"Oh my god, sorry. I-I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable. That was so audacious of me. I'm sorry."

He stands there with his eyes still wide, then his eyebrows furrow. "Wait, did you just kiss me?" he asks.

"I should probably go," she says quickly, her face burning in embarrassment. She stands up and goes to leave, but Richie grabs her hand.

He turns her around, grabs her face, and kisses her. It was short, and he pulled back and just stood in front of her after, but it meant something.

Adelaide blinks.

"I like you, Addy. I thought it's been obvious since, I don't know, third grade?" Richie says, letting go of her face. "You know, for being so intelligent, you're not that smart."

Adelaide blushes and pushes her bangs out of her face in exasperation. "Why didn't you just tell me? I like you, too, Richie."

He suddenly smirks and says, "You do?"

She smiles and rolls her eyes. "Whatever. Can I have some candy now?"

Adelaide was surprised he didn't respond with some snarky, sexual comment, but she was thankful.

The two hear the door open downstairs, and their blood runs cold. Richie freezes in place and grabs her arms. "You have to get out."

Nervous and freaking out, Adelaide nods. "Why? Who is that?"

"My mother," Richie says, horrified. "The window, Addy. The window."

They rush over to the window and Richie opens it for her. "You want me to jump out a two story fucking window?" she exclaims.

"There's a ladder!" Richie whispers. "Hurry!"

The steps creak and Adelaide's heart skips a beat. She hops over the window sill and puts a foot on the ladder, feeling like she's going to throw up.

She looks up at Richie with furrowed eyebrows. "Why do you even have a ladder—"

"Don't worry about it! Go!" He then adds, "Also, meet me at the arcade tomorrow."

She leans up and kisses him one more time before hurrying down the ladder and hopping down, running out of his yard and down the street.

By now, it's relatively dark out, so she feels it's okay to walk down the middle of the road. She breathes heavily and walks slowly, thinking about everything that happens.

She's thinking about what her and Richie are, how they're supposed to act from now on, what's going to happen with the rest of the group, etc., when she suddenly trips over a huge rock and she falls onto the concrete.

She curses under her breath as she stands up, feeling like a six year old again. The familiar burning of the knees is evident, and she realizes she scraped them pretty bad.

"I am an idiot sandwich," she sighs, looking straight ahead and beginning to limp.

As she's passing a nearby sewer, she gulps and keeps an eye on it as she walks by. After all, she could never get over that, could she?

She's walking closer to her house when a car at the end of the street passes by extremely fast, and she almost falls to the floor when she sees a glimpse of a red balloon floating on the end of it. It went by so fast she thought her eyes were deceiving her, and she comes up with logical explanations.

Probably just leftover Fourth of July decorations. Yeah, that's it.

She breathes deeply and steps quickly up her porch and walks into her house.

"Maggie?!" she calls, feeling nervous.

Maggie pokes her head out from the kitchen. "Hey! How you feeling?"

Adelaide sighs in relief and walks towards her. She smiles and says, "Good. I figured everything out."

Maggie ruffles her hair. "Great. I made banana bread. You up for a movie?"

Adelaide gladly nods and begins to relax again. After all, she did just kiss the boy she likes.

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