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(these aren't meant to be in any specific order. just kinda the vibes and meanings of the songs are things that go along with the book)

comethru by jeremy zucker
"these last few weeks have been exhausting
im lost in my imagination, and there's one thing that i need from you
can you come through?"

sports by beach bunny
"if you feel lonely, i could be lonely
with you"

prom queen by beach bunny
"shut up, count your calories
i never looked good in mom jeans"

dontmakemefallinlove by cuco
"please don't make me fall in love with you"

feels by calvin harris
"don't be afraid to catch feelings"

pretty face by public
"beautiful girl hasn't grown up yet, and she's wasting her feelings on a boy she's never met"

chinese new year by sales
"i see you at the movies, i see you with your lipstick on"

electric love by børns
"candy, she's sweet like candy in my veins // baby, im dying for another taste"

my luhhh by rook1e
"and i love you so, i cant let you go, i need you more"
one of my favorite songs<<

ivy by frank ocean
"i thought that i was dreaming when you said you love me"
>>one of my favorite songs also

i love you so by the walters
"everything i want, but i cant deal with all your lovers // saying im the one but its your actions that speak louder"

bust a move by young mc
"a chick walks by, you wish you could sex her but youre standing on the wall like you was poindexter"
>>i get lit to this song

like or like like by miniature tigers
"tell me how you feel about me, do you like or like like me"

laura by hockey dad
"i cant help it, she's too perfect"
>>a bop

stone cold by demi lovato
"stone cold, stone cold, maybe if i dont cry i wont feel anymore"

4ever by clairo
"is it ever gonna change? am i gonna feel this way forever? are you gonna be around for me to count on you"
>>such a cute song i love

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