chapter ten

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As the floor creaked beneath their feet, the group felt shivers down their spine as they looked through the door. A coughing girl lay on the floor, looking scared.



They all gasped as a shrilling scream echoed and she was jerked out of sight, Adelaide's hand flying up to her mouth. She allowed the group to go in front of her as they slowly walked towards it. She had no clue why they were so curious as to what was in there, but she followed nonetheless.

Before she had time to scream, her breath was buried in her lungs as she was suddenly thrown into a room, barely having enough time to realize what had happened. When the door shut, it was too late for the other kids to notice.

Adelaide got up and banged on the door. "Richie! Eddie! Bill!" she shrieked, her heart pounding against her chest.

That's when she realized that everything around her was shrinking; closing in on her. Her eyes widened as panic settled in her stomach.

The walls were literally closing in on her.

Her breathing became uneven as she tried not to cry. "I'm gonna fucking kill you, you ugly ass clown!"

She sat against the door, shutting her eyes tight as she tried her best to kick the door open.

Meanwhile, Eddie broke his arm, Richie snapped it back, and Beverly shoved a metal spike through the clown's head.

That's when it dawned on them: Richie's heart practically falling out of his ass. "Where's Addy? Where the fuck is Addy?"

They all ran upstairs, hearing Adelaide's screaming. She was almost being crushed to death, walls on each side touching her. She screamed at the top of her lungs as she pushed her feet against the door, kicking it profusely. "I'm gonna be crushed to death, oh my god! Oh my god!"

Just then, Richie yanked the door open, and they watched as only Adelaide's legs were in view, and he immediately yanked her out of the room, all of their eyes widening as the walls completely reached the floor.

"Are you okay?!" Richie yelled as he sat next to her on the floor.

With wide eyes, she nodded, standing up and quickly running down the stairs, the group following behind her.

"You, you did this!"

It was safe to say Ms. Kaspbrak was pissed off at the group of friends.

She grabbed Eddie's arm and practically dragged him across the sidewalk, entering the car.

"We were attacked, M-Ms. K," Bill tried to reason.

"Don't," she said deviously.

Adelaide thought the woman was ridiculously crazy. "What, you think we broke Eddie's arm? Got all of us bloody and cut? Just to... for God's sake, what do you think happened?"

Ms. K took a threatening step towards the girl, but Adelaide didn't back down. "You, orphan, don't speak to me like that. Ever again."

At the word 'orphan,' Adelaide's eyes widened. Her eyes scanned around the group, who all looked confused.

Ms. K said something to Beverly, but Adelaide didn't even hear. She was busy staring at Richie, who looked at her with betrayal in his eyes. She never told him about not having parents, and guilt rose in her chest.

As Eddie whimpered in the front seat, the car drove away, all of the kids walking in the street to watch it roll away.

Bill broke the silence. "I saw the well. W-We know where it is, and n-next time, we'll be more prepared."

"No!" Stan yelled. "No next time, Bill. You're insane."

"Why? We all know no one else is going to do anything," Beverly sided with Bill.

"Adelaide and Eddie were nearly killed!" Richie exclaimed, then turning to Ben. "And look at this motherfucker! He's leaking hamburger helper!"

Adelaide could tell Richie was extremely overwhelmed. His tone said it all.

"We can't pretend it's going to go away. Ben, you said it yourself. It comes back every twenty seven years."

"Fine," Ben said. "I'll be forty and far away from here. I thought you said you wanted to get out of this town, too."

"I wanna run towards something, not away."

"I'm sorry, who invited Molly Ringwald into the group?" Richie yelled. Bev flicked him off.

"Richie..." Adelaide started.

"I'm just saying, let's face facts. Georgie is dead. Stop trying to get us killed, too."

Everyone had a look on their faces that said: "Oh, shit."

"Georgie is not dead," Bill fumed, walking up to Richie.

"You can't save him, but you can still save yourself."

"T-Take that back!" Bill said, towering over Richie's figure. "You're scared, we all are, but take that back!"

As they shoved each other, Adelaide audibly gasped as Bill punched Richie, sending him straight to the ground.

As Richie stood up, thrashing around in Mike and Stan's arms, yelling things like, "You're all just a bunch of losers—"

"Shut up, Richie!" Adelaide snapped. "Can't you see? Being childish will only make us weak!"

Richie took a step towards her, hurt and accusing eyes. "Adelaide, really? You lied to all of us!"

She took a literal step back, his words hitting her like a ton of bricks. She wasn't used to him calling her by her name at all. "I never lied!" She yelled back. "We can talk about this later, but right now, the only reason we're still alive is because—"

"We're alive!" Richie yelled, visibly growing angrier with her by the word. "I plan to keep it that way."

While he turned away and hopped on his bike, Adelaide felt her heart break. "Richie!" When Stan walked away, too, she mumbled his name.

Then Ben.

Then Mike.

"Guys, I can't do this. My grandad was right. I'm an outsider, gotta stay that way."

Then, there were three.

Adelaide couldn't stand being around them any longer. She just wanted to go home, take a long bath, and sleep. Sleep sounded good. "See you, guys," she said, hopping on her bike.

Bill and Beverly mumbled goodbyes.

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