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virtues. - [it gif series.] by vanillacakee-
virtues. - [it gif series.]by ✨ daddy ✨
"my heart burns there, too".
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IT Follows || IT x Reader by Soul_Candy
IT Follows || IT x Readerby Devote Deviant
(Y/N) and Bill have been best friends through thick and thin. But after the mysterious disappearances of their younger siblings, their relationship could falter. Will th...
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Fallingforyou - BillXReader  by myiarector1
Fallingforyou - BillXReader by Myia 💖
*This is a BxG story sorry* The summer of 1982, Y/N was moving into her new hometown Derry, Maine. She saw a small boy in the neighbouring house from her with brown mes...
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Roommates || Reddie by ReddieAsthetix
Roommates || Reddieby ReddieAesthetix
"Richie, why the fuck are you at my door at 2am?" Being gay in Derry, Maine meant being outcasted. It meant that the world was against you. That's how it felt...
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sweet ♡ richie tozier by -xoxowolfhard
sweet ♡ richie tozierby maya !
"IN YOUR DREAMS, RICHIE TOZIER!" "YEAH, MY WET DREAMS!" - when a boy likes a girl with a sweet tooth. - >>started: 8/17/18 >>finished:...
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IT PREFERENCES by richie-hoezier
preferences for the cast and the losers club :) [REQUESTS ARE OPEN]
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sweets | richie tozier by bitchietozier
sweets | richie tozierby richie’s gf ☺️
"Why do you even like him? He's just a trashmouth." "Yeah, but...he's a trashmouth who makes me laugh." "...Valid point." [ richie tozier x...
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Coraline  ( c.s. ) by artemistics
Coraline ( c.s. )by 𝔩𝔞𝔡𝔶 𝔟𝔦𝔯𝔡
Coraline Jones has seen strange... But a shape-shifting cannibal clown making kids disappear is a whole different story. ...
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heartstrings! ✵ Stan Uris (s.u.) by bytheforest
heartstrings! ✵ Stan Uris (s.u.)by claire
Valerie Dawson has unknowingly controlled Stan Uris' heart ever since he had first seen her fingers dancing over the violin strings in the school music room. Her beauty...
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PREFERENCES. ( it cast ) by messylosers
PREFERENCES. ( it cast )by a 👼🏼
❝ i heard the list is longer than my wang ❞ ❝ that's not saying much ❞ preferences of the it cast: jaedan, wyatt, jack, finn, chosen, jeremy, sophia [lowerca...
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Ezra's Purple Eyes by jebby78
Ezra's Purple Eyesby Jebbster
Sequel to Daughter of Pennywise It's been 27 years since Pennywise and his daughter, Ezra, we're killed by the losers club. Or so it seemed. Now the losers have been ca...
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It (Eddie Kaspbrak x Reader) by n00bmaster_69
It (Eddie Kaspbrak x Reader)by 𝕖𝕝
"Welcome to the losers club." Highest ranking: 12 in #billdenborough Started: 10/14/19 Ended: N/A
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untouchable ~ st/it crossover by aestheticwheeler
untouchable ~ st/it crossoverby connie
the year is 1989 and when mike and the gang set off on a road trip in search of his twin brother, the losers club is really not expecting their road trip to be crashed b...
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ocean eyes // Stanley Uris : IT by too-much-wyatt
ocean eyes // Stanley Uris : ITby ¡ A L L Y !
"I'm scared, I've never fallen from quite this high, falling into your ocean eyes."
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crazy for you ⁞ bichie by trashmoantozbrak
crazy for you ⁞ bichieby hopelessly hopeful
☆in which two best friends end up in the same mental hospital☆
ー starlight, star bright ; it imagines by bandaidbaby
ー starlight, star bright ; it 🍓 nαnα
❝ your hair is winter fire january embers my heart burns there too ❞ various ships
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DELAYED. ( martell / REWRITING ) by messylosers
DELAYED. ( martell / REWRITING )by a 👼🏼
❝ i thought that i was dreaming when you said you loved me. ❞ [ JAEDEN MARTELL x FEMALE OC ] [ social media x irl ] [ oct 14, 2017 / rewriting jul 14, 2019...
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PLOT SHOP; by benhanscoms
the millions of ideas i have flying around my brain that i will never write
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IT and Stranger Things Crossover  by JaeBae011
IT and Stranger Things Crossover by JaeBae011
So, I went nuts and decided to make a little of everything. This is a Mileven, Lumax and Benverly fanfiction, alongside my OC x Bill. IT is set in Season Three of Strang...
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Autophobia {Stanley Uris x female OC} by alorathebear
Autophobia {Stanley Uris x ~i'm the alpha now~
autophobia (n) fear of one's self Iris Bowers, the school bully's little sister, is forced to hang out with her brother and his friends...
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