chapter four

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Exactly what Adelaide was looking for at this moment.

She woke up to a murder scene on her white sheets, and she frantically told her sister as soon as possible. After all, Richie would be getting her soon to go to the quarry, and she was nowhere close to ready.

When she heard a knock on her door, she groaned. She hurried downstairs and quickly opened the door, seeing Richie, Eddie, and Bills expectant faces. "Hey!" She squeaked, her voice coming out a lot higher and breathier than she intended. She didn't have time to cringe, though, because the boys were already turning around, expecting her to follow.

"Um, I'll meet you guys there!" She blurted, all heads turning back to look at her with a confused expression. "I just... I'm not ready yet."

"We can wait," Richie shrugged.

She scrunched her face up. She couldn't just come out and say it. "I'm just... having some difficulties," she said, widening her eyes to the max to try to get the hint across.

"W-We can help," Bill offered.

"Womanly... difficulties..."

In unison, all the boys mouths opened.

Her face was tingling from the heat that rose to it. "I'll see you guys there."

Richie had doubt and worry written all over his face. "But—"

"Trust me," she sent him a reassuring smile. "I'll be there before you know it."

She closed her door and ran upstairs, her sister finally gasping.

Maggie Henderson is seventeen and illegally the guardian of Adelaide. Their parents had bailed on them years ago, and instead of being orphans, Maggie decided to work and use the money their parents left behind to keep up with their small house.

"I got one!" Maggie yelled.

Adelaide breathed a loud sigh of relief and grabbed it, running to the bathroom and doing her business. When she was done, she changed into a black bra and underwear, which she decided would be okay to wear in front of a bunch of boys.

She would've worn something lighter, but she was afraid they would be see through once she got wet. So, she stuck with black.

Also, she couldn't wear a light color when she's on the rag.

She said goodbye to her sister after about ten minutes and biked to the quarry.


Her head turned to see Beverly Marsh on her bike, turning onto the same road as she was. She smiled at her. "Hey, Beverly."

Beverly smiled back. "You're going to the quarry, right?"

Adelaide nodded. "I was gonna go with the boys, but I had some stuff to take care of."

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