chapter seven

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About an hour later, Richie had lost a total of seven card games to Adelaide and they had begun watching The Breakfast Club

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About an hour later, Richie had lost a total of seven card games to Adelaide and they had begun watching The Breakfast Club.

It was only about nine o'clock, but Adelaide was beginning to get tired. Probably from all the eventful things that had happened today.

Except, as she sat on the couch next to Richie, she only felt warm and fuzzy inside. She felt her eyes slowly fluttering closed as she felt them get heavier, and she mumbled, "Richie?"



And with one last look at the screen, she was out.

Richie felt her side fall onto his, her head resting against his shoulder, and blood rushed to his face. He almost freaked out, but when he noticed her soft, easy breathing and her eyes shut, he let his shoulders un-tense.

He took the time to admire her face, not that he could see many of them from his angle, and his lips parted. Her lips were perfectly rosie, never chapped and the perfect size. Her eyelashes were naturally beautiful and long, and the rest of her face was angelic.

How could someone be so perfect?

He decided that his parents wouldn't care, and he gently set his head on top of hers, closing his eyes and letting himself drift off to sleep.

Maggie Henderson didn't know what to think about the view in front of her.

She had woke up that morning and went into her sisters bedroom, having a mini heart attack when she saw her empty bed, and ran downstairs in search of her.

Now, she stood in front of the couch, staring at two kids, asleep on top of each other.

Adelaide's legs were sprawled out on one end of the couch, her arms wrapped around Richie Toziers torso as her face was squished into his side. Richie was still upright, but almost falling over to the side that Adelaide wasn't on.

"Um..." Maggie said, loud enough to hopefully wake the two.

Unfortunately, only Richies eyes opened, his vision blurry for a second, before they widened as he saw Maggie and Adelaide wrapped around him like a monkey.

"Hi," Maggie said, awkwardly.

"Hey," Richie said, upbeat and optimistic. He looked down at Adelaide clinging to him and smirked wildly.

"Adelaide," Maggie said, attempting again to wake the girl up.

Adelaide groaned in distress. She clung to Richies shirt tighter and mumbled, "Let me sleep."

Richie looked up at Maggie and shrugged. "What can I say? She loves me."

Maggie raised an eyebrow and smiled. Maggie poked Adelaide's side and drawled out, "You really should wake up right now."

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