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Adelaide Henderson walked through the halls of Derry Middle school at the beginning of her sixth grade, getting obvious stares from every single person around her. It made her nervously divert her eyes, keeping them trained on her feet as she gripped her backpack.

Being the new kid was always the worst. She had moved there not even a week before, and she already noticed the town was not very "homey."

It did not help that, that morning, it was pouring down rain while she biked to school.

Hence; the fact that she was soaked from head to toe, her hair looking much like a wet dog.

She got looks of several boys that were twice the size of her, staring at her with extremely predator-like eyes.

Meanwhile, Richie Tozier, Bill Denborough, Eddie Kaspbrak and Stan Uris walked down the hallway, accidentally pushing against each other as they all tried to hear each other talking. The beginning of sixth grade, their voices had not yet even squeaked at the thought of puberty. Their voices were all high pitched, Eddies even more than it would be in eighth grade.

"Richie, would you shut up about Street Fighters?" Eddie pleaded, annoyed with his constant rants.

"You just don't understand, okay?!" Richie said angrily. "You don't understand. I was trying to beat my high score—"

"Richie, we know," Stan rolled his eyes. "You've told us a hundred times."

As Adelaide, on impulse, stepped to the left to get further from the scary group of boys, The Losers walked down the hallway beside her. Right as she did so, she bumped shoulders with someone, sending both of them stumbling back a bit. When she looked up, she saw a boy with glasses so thick they magnified his eyes like bubbles, wearing a Hawaiian themed button up.

Richies eyes widened as he felt his eleven year old heart swell.

He found himself falling for her. Love at first sight.

"Sorry," she gently smiled, quickly walking past him and continuing her journey to find her locker.

Watching her go, Richie pushed up the rim of his glasses. "Who is that soaking wet hot babe?"

Adelaide Henderson moved to Derry at the start of sixth grade, finding sanctuary at the home of Jessica Wheeler and her porch reading books (including dictionaries), always having something sweet to eat in her pocket.

Richie Tozier has been in love with Adelaide since she arrived in the small town, pining over her and throwing pick up lines every so often. He never got much credit for it, though.

At the end of the school year and the Losers get caught in their own mystery of missing kids and sewers, Adelaide finds herself enjoying time with them.

One in particular.



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