chapter two

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Yes, Richie did know where she lived

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Yes, Richie did know where she lived.

And yes, Richie did stop by her house the next day when they were on the way to the barrens.

She sat on her small turquoise painted deck on her cheap house, sitting on her chair that swung back and forth continuously as she read a book. The book wasn't one of the best she's read, but it would do. After all, it's the beginning of summer.

She intently moved her blue eyes across the pages of her book as she swung, her legs lazily crossed and hanging off the side of the chair. She exhaled deeply as her brain filled with the words printed in front of her.

Until... "Hey, Ads!"

She slowly shut her book and blinked in boredom as she looked up.

In front of her house stood Richie, Bill, and Eddie on their bikes.

"Come with us!" Richie called to her.

She stood up and left her book on the cushion, leaning her elbows on the railing of the porch. "What's in it for me?" She asked.

"I can tell from all the way down here that that book sucks ass," he said.

He's not wrong.

Mentally battling herself, Adelaide didn't know what to do. Go with random losers she had never talked to before, giving the satisfaction to Richie Tozier, or sitting on her front porch reading a book she didn't even enjoy.

It's obvious which one she chose.

Reluctantly, she hopped on her yellow bike and followed them down the street.

"Just so you know," she started, catching Richies attention. "I'm only hanging out with you guys because, frankly, that book was quite bromidic."

"You know, using big words really is a turn on," Richie blurted, letting it come out of his mouth without a care. It's true, anyways. Not that he really had a filter to stop himself.

Adelaide laughed. "I guess I should break that habit, then."

Richies always loved her laugh. He rarely heard it, since she doesn't enjoy most of his jokes, but when he did, man, was it a sound to hear. It wasn't loud or quiet, but it was peaceful and melodic.

Richies dumb jokes about her hotness came out as easy as can be, but his feelings were far more deep and much less shallow than what came out of his mouth about her looks. She wouldn't know that, though. But Richie, he knew she was more than her looks.

"So, why the barrens?" Adelaide finally asked.

"We're looking for clues that might lead us to G-G-Georgie," Bill explained to the girl. Frankly, he was a bit scared that she would make fun of them, but was relieved when she wasn't.

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