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-Midoriya Izuku-

He was rambling stuff about me getting hurt if we started dating. I wasn't sure what to say. He looked like he really cared about me. Before I knew it our faces were a few inches apart. I pulled him even closer to me. I pressed my lips on his soft lips. First he was shocked but after some time he started kissing me back and taking control. I never thought I would be the one making the first move. I felt him bite my lip asking to enter my mouth. So in the heat of the moment I opened my mouth letting him enter his tounge. We both fought for dominance but Kacchan won. What seemed like hours where only 10 seconds. I broke the kiss cause I needed air. We were both patting for air.

We just stared into each other's eyes after this. He look suprised and a bit flustered. I was flustered to, I mean I just kissed my crush and Alpha. "So what does this mean?" He asked awkwardly. I started blushing. "I don't know..." I replied. "Izuku Midoriya will you be my boyfriend." He asked me. I started to blush. At this point I was just exploding. I nodded shyly. He stood up from his seat walking my direction and sat down next me. Wrapping his arms around me. He was hugging me. I thought I was just dreaming at an amazing dream at this point and that I was going to wake up any second. That never happened.

-Time skip: 1 moth later-

You'd think everything was easy now. Well no thing actually got more difficult. We both decided to keep it hidden and we are still hiding it. That's kinda hard for me. You'd be suprised that I'm actually jealous of Kirishima sometimes. He is just so close with Kacchan sometimes. I wonder if he actually has a crush on him. I mean AlphaxAlpha relationships aren't impossible they are just really rare.

Bakugo and Kirishima started to hang out even more lately. I'm starting to worry. Is Kacchan actually cheating on me with Kirishima. I wouldn't be surprised I guess. He his better and hotter then me. I can't jump to conclusions so I just have to see for myself I guess.

I decided to go and spy on one of their 'dates'. It all seemed normal until Kirishima took Kacchan's hand and pulled him into this scary alleyway. When I looked around the corner I saw them kissing each other. "K... KACCHAN!?" I yelled while tearing up. "I WAS ACTUALLY RIGHT FOR ONCE. FOR HOW LONG HAS THIS BEEN GOING ON BETWEEN YOU TWO?" I yelled heartbroken. Kacchan just looked with this shocked expression. He froze and pushed Kirishima if him slapping him in the face. "Izuku! This isn't what it looks like!" He yelled but I already ran away.

-Kirishima Eijirou-

For some time now. I've been crushing on Bakugo. He's just so manly. We've been hanging out allot lately. Today is the day I'm going to do it. We where walking in this street. When I saw this scary looking alleyway. I grabbed his hand and pulled him in. Then I started to kiss him roughly. He didn't kiss back. I heard this loud voice yelling "K... KACCHAN!?" I broke the kiss to look at Midoriya. He was about to cry. Then I understood. Bakugo and Midoriya were actually a thing. A hand slapped me really hard in the face and the two strong hands pushed me away. Yelling "Izuku! This isn't what it looks like!" I felt so bad for doing what i just did. I didn't just ruin an entire friendship but also an entire relationship. I'm no hero!

[ to be continued ]

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