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-Nobody's POV-

The boys entered the building. When Katsuki pinned Izuku against the wall near the boys room. He started to kiss the green haired boy. Bitting his lip asking for entrance. Izuku opened his mouth a bit so Katsuki could enter. Their tongues fought for dominance. Izuku putted his hand in Katsuki's ash-blonde hair. While Katsuki's hand were under Izuku's shirt making circles on his back. He removed the shirt for Izuku's body. At that moment Izuku broke the kiss. "We should do this somewhere more privately. I don't want the class to see us." He said while blushing. The ash-blonde picked him up bridal style. Bringing them to one of the free dorm rooms. When they landed on the bed they started to kiss each other again. Katsuki started to kiss Izuku's chest. Making Izuku moan. The ash-blonde smiled hearing these noises. He removed his black top now. Showing of his muscles to the green haired boy that was now blushing like crazy. Katsuki started to kiss Izuku's chest again.

After some time doing that he started to remove Izuku's pants revealing some All Might boxers. "What do you even have those?" The ash-blonde joked. "S... Shut up!" Izuku replied flustered. His manhood was pressing against his boxers asking to get out his prison. Katsuki started rubbing his hand over the manhood underneath the boxers. He pulled down the boxers revealing the green haired boy manhood. They both started to blush. Izuku started to remove Katsuki's pants now. Revealing some black boxers. He also removed those. Revealing the ash-blonde his manhood. He started sucking the tip of his boyfriends manhood. Making Katsuki moan. He started sucking a bit more everytime he moved his head. Katsuki was moaning of pleasure while moving his hand over the green haired boys manhood. "K... kacchaaaann... I... I'm cumming." The green haired boy yelled with pleasure. He came covering Katsuki's hand in his semen. With his clean hand Katsuki asked Izuku to lick his 3 fingers. He putted one finger inside his boyfriend. After some time he added another. "D... Deku your so thight!" He smiled. He added his third finger making the green haired boy moan. "Kacchaaan... please... put it inside." Izuku begged. Katsuki's manhood entered the green haired boys body. Starting to trust in slowly. After some time the started trusting faster hitting Izuku's hot spot. Making the green boy cum again. "D... Deku I'm going to cum inside." The ash-blonde yelled. "Do it Kacchan." The green haired boy replied. Katsuki came. They cleaned everything up and laid next to each other cuddling.

-The next morning-

Izuku woke up before Katsuki. When he noticed he was naked he started to remember what happened making him blush. He stood up putted some clothing on and walked to the showers. When he went back to the room the ash-blonde was a awake to. "Good morning." Izuku smiled. "Morging." The ash-blonde said while planting a kiss on his boyfriends forehead. They both went back to the boys dorm room. Where everybody was still asleep. They went to their bed and did like they were there al the time. After an hour everybody started to wake up now. Dressing the self and went to the breakfast table.

[ the end ]

Yh I know this is a short end! Sorry for that! Go check out my new story What Happened? Thank you so much for the 1,43Dznd vieuws! You guys are the best! (⁎⁍̴̆Ɛ⁍̴̆⁎) I also felt really uncomfortable writing this chapter. It was my first time writing smut so I hope it was good. (≧∇≦)

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