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-Nobody's POV-

Both the boys got up early to get ready for their date. Izuku putted on a blue All Might shirt, gray jeans and his red sneakers. Katsuki wore the black top Izuku stole from him combined with sand colored jeans that that a lot of pockets and black sneakers. He also wore a black and red cap. Both of them were really nervous and scared for what was going to happen. Who knows?

-Bakugo Katsuki-

I left in the direction of the park one hour to early. I just wanted to be there before Deku did. So I could check if he do come late. If he did I would definitely kill him! It was really boring waiting there alone. It's own fucking fault for showing up so early. It was 9:30 am so I was really early. What to do? Maybe I should prepare some pickup lines. YEAH THAT'S A GREAT IDEA I think. So I started looking up some pickup lines online.

1. Your smile is so cute that I don't actually want to blow it of your dumb face

2. Why are you Fucking staring at me? Do like what you see?

3. I feel an explosion growing between us.

4. Looking at you is making my hands explode!

NONE OF THEM ARE GOOD. I'll just go with tho flow I guess. I mean this is just as friends.

-Midoriya Izuku-

Knowing Kacchan he left early and is now dying of boredom. If I be late I'm death. If I go early I seem desperate. I decided to wait until 9:30 am before I left. Just to be sure I won't be to early. I grabbed my stuff and left. Walking out of the dorms Uraraka saw me leave and followed me outside. "Where are you going Deku-kun?" She asked me. "I'm going to be hanging out with Kacchan in the park." I replied honestly. I couldn't lie to her! She is one of my closest friends. "Oh good luck!" She winked. "Thanks." I smiled blushing and left.

When I arrived I saw Kacchan sitting there half asleep. He looked so peaceful for once. "Kacchan?" I woke him. "Huh? Oh it's you." He rolled his eyes. "You asked me out." I laughed. "Are you giving me attitude?" He said smiling. "N... NO." I blushed. His smile is so cute! He should smile more often. "Deku?" He then asked? "Yes something wrong?" I replied worried. "N... no why would it TSK!" He said blushing. Now there was an awkward silence. "What now?" I asked to break the silence. "Do you remember the dinner place from our first date?" he asked. WAIT WHAT that was a date?! "Y... Yeah I remember." is awkwardly smiled. "I made a reservation there to eat lunch" he replied me. "Oh really." is said with a sassy tone in my voice. He just smiled.

We arrived at the place holding each other's hands. We went inside still holding hands. The people in the restaurant were looking with this strange look at us. Was it because we are both guys? I let go of his hand because the staring made me feel uncomfortable. "What's wrong Deku?" Kacchan asked concerned. "People are starting at us." I said uncomfortable. "Well let them look! They are just jealous." He smiled. "Oh okey." I smiled at him. We sat down and I layed my hand in the table. Kacchan grabbed my hand again. This time I didn't pull back. I actually made so out fingers could intertwine. "Kacchan I... I have to tell you something!" Is then said to break the silence. "What is it?" He looked confused. Why was being so nice this isn't like him. "I..." before I could finish my sentence the waitress came. "What can I get you two?" She asked with a smile. When I looked at Kacchan I saw him eyeballing her. I couldn't blame the girl was kinda cute I guess. If I didn't like Kacchan I would totally date her. I see now why he wanted to come here. "I want today's special." He smiled at her. I was a bit jealous. "I'll get the same." Is quickly said. She looked at me like she had forgotten I was there and just nodded plainly. As she walked away she smiled at Kacchan.

[ to be continued ]
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