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-word before-

When puberty starts teens experience some changes to their body. These changes puts them in 3 different groups: The Alpha, The Beta and The Omega. All 3 are very different from each other. Let me explain!

So Alpha's are known for their leadership. They are also really strong, so they are good fighters. They all have an unique trade that they are good at like: drawing, writing, fighting, swimming, singing, .... They all want to have a happy family with their mate. They are also really protective around their mate and pups. Alpha's all have this Rut period. This when they crave a mate and get really sex-driven [let's just ignore this weird thingy... it's actually really important just weird to write...].

So a Beta isn't really that special. They are actually the most normal of the 3. They don't have any special traits or weird effects. The only thing is that they care for the injured or sick people. For the rest nothing special.

The Omega's are know for their unique hormone-filled scent. All Omega's smell different this is because of their character. The scent matches the persons character. Omega's want to have an happy family just like Alpha's and can give birth to pups no matter the sexuality of the Omega. Omega's have this Heat period. It's when their body is ready to reproduce. It's also when they crave a mate.

Those are the most important things for now. The rest will be clear during the story. I hope if it's not you can always ask it I'm happy to explain!

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