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-Bakugo Katsuki-

Why the fuck did he agree to go on that date. EHY THE FUCK WAS HE KISSING WITH THAT HALF-AND-HALF FREAK?! Why do I care if he's kissing somebody? I started to cry and ran away. I didn't want him to see me but he did. "KACCHAN?!" He yelled. I was to shocked and just kept running. "KATSUKI?!" I now heard. "Huh?" I turned around. As I did that I saw he was crying to. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT?" I yelled. "Kacchan? Why are you crying?" He asked. "WHO CARES! Why the fuck are you crying?" I asked him trying to ignore the question. "Me? Well I just got robbed from my very first kiss by somebody I don't even like that way!" He cried. "WAIT SO YOU DON'T LIKE ICYHOT?" Is yelled confused. "No I don't! I like somebody else." He said looks at me. "I'm sorry." I said while feeling bad for him. "Nhaaa don't worry Kacchan! It's okey. I mean it might be my first kiss but it didn't feel like it was." He smiled underneath the tears. "Oh." That was all I could say at that moment.

"I'm not feeling like going back in there. So wanna do something?" He smiled. "Y... Yeah sure!" I nodded. We walked and talked for a while. When we noticed we were both hungry. "We can eat something there!" I pointed. "Yeah sounds great!" He smiled and grabbed my hand dragging me with him. "H... hey what the fuck are you doing Deku?!" I yelled. He looked at me confused. "Didn't want to eat something there?" He asked with an innocent expression not knowing he was holding my hand like we were a married couple. When he finally noticed he let immediately go of my hand and started blushing like hell.

"We're here!" He then said. "Oh let's go inside then!" Is tried to smile. He looked surprised. "Yeah!" He smiled back. We sat down close to a window. "What can I get you?" A waitress asked. "Just an omorice for me please." I said. "I'll have curry!" Deku smiled at her. She just nodded and left. When I looked outside I saw that half-and-half freak. "Deku look outside." I tapped on his shoulder. He looked shocked. "He looks depressed." He said with a caring tone. "Yeah he does maybe he feels bad for what he did to you." I reacted. He just nodded. "Here is your food." The waitress said all of the sudden. "Thank you miss." I smiled. "Thank you for the food." We both said and started to eat. I saw that Deku felt bad for just leaving Todoroki in the other restaurant. I couldn't blame him for doing that. The guy stole his first kiss. The kiss I wanted to be our first kiss together. He stole it.

After we had dinner a took him to the park near the street where we grew up. "Eeuuhhmm D... Deku you know what day it is today right?" I asked him. He looked confused. "To be honest I don't. Is it a special day or something today?" He asked confused. "Yeah." I smiled. He kept looking confused. I stepped closer to him and grabbed him as I pulled his waist even closer to me. I wrapped my arms around his waist and hugged him laying my head in this shoulder close to his ear. "Happy Birthday Izuku!" I whispered. As I let go I felt my face heating up. "T.... thank you Kacchan." He was blushing while bowing. "Stop that nerd! It's your birthday after all." I smiled. "Yeah you're right. I don't know how I could forget my own birthday." He laughed clumsy. "Tsk..." I clacked my tongue again my teeth.

[ to be continued ]
[ a/n: sorry for the short chapter I just wanted to end it here so I could go more in detail next chapter plus it's kinda a birthday special... we'll see you next chapter ]

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