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-Midoriya Izuku-

As an Rouge Omega I have this problem that is called Heat and I hate it. It makes me go crazy and have these weird desires.

So I'm going to start right of the batch by saying. I have a huge crush on my childhood friend and former bully Katsuki Bakugo. You might think okey that's kinda weird. It is I know that. But is just can't help myself.

Oh and you might ask yourself what's a Rouge Omega? Well let me explain really fast. I can hide my scent so Alpha's won't be affected by it. I'm also allowed to fight back an Alpha. I'm stronger than an usual Omega. That's in my luck cause you know. Wanting to be the number one hero. Oh well back to the story.

So I'm still in school. We have this thing called dorms now. For safety reasons. I don't really mind the dorm system. It's kinda fun to live with my friends. The only problem is that Kacchan lives there to of course and as I said in the beginning if I go in Heat I do crazy thing.

It was 2 weeks before my Heat and I was out of medicine. The problem was that there wasn't any in stock at the moment, so I have to wait a month to get new medicine. Yeah I'm screwed. I know that already.

I decided to prepare my room of my Heat period. Hide all the extra keys make my locks so I can't unlock them. Stuff like that. As a Rouge Omega my Heat period is a bit different from the normal Omega. Just like when Alpha's go into the Rut period and get sexual desires. I get those when I go into my Heat period. Living together with my crush makes that even worse. So I'm so dead.

Oh no I forgot we had a meeting today! I have to hurry. I ran as fast as I could downstairs so I wouldn't be late for the meeting. I didn't pay attention and before I knew I was laying on Kacchan who was laying on the ground. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TRYING TO PULL NERD?" He yelled. "I'm sorry Kacchan." I apologized as I stood up. "I'M GOING TO FUCKING BLOW YOUR FACE OF DEKU!" I yelled as he activated his quirk. Lucky me Iida entered the room stopping him from blowing an explosion in my face.

"Calm down Bakugo I think Midoriya didn't do that on purpose. Now go an sit down for the meeting." Iida said calmly trying to not piss of Kacchan. "Fine! Now let me go four eyes before I blow your face of." He replied plainly. As Iida let go of Bakugo I could breath again. "Are you okey Midoriya?" Iida asked now looking at me. "Don't worry I'm fine." Is smiled. "Okey then go sit with the rest for the meeting. I nodded and did what he asked me to do.

The meeting was mostly about the rules and who going to be doing cleaning and stuff this month. Iida also announced this moths Heats and Ruts. I was one of them. It made me feel uncomfortable. "Oh Deku-kun your going into Heat period?" Uraraka asked. I just nodded. I saw Kacchan looking in my direction. It almost seemed like he was blushing. My eyes met with his ruby red orbs of a moment. Nobody else noticed it. I hate this feeling. Knowing he hates me and I love him. I wanted to mate with him for a while now. I just can't.

-time skip-

My Heat was about to start. So I did my laundry. I say that there were some of Kacchan unwashed clothing there. My temptation was to big so I grabbed on of his blacks tops and smelled it. It smelled like Kacchan. I hid it in my freshly washed Clothing and went into my room. What I didn't know was that he found out I stole it. I hugged and slept with his scent. As my sexual desires grew stronger. I didn't know what to do. I stole Kacchan clothes. He probably found out by now. I'm so death. I heard knocking on my door. Because couldn't keep control of my scent right now I yelled. "Please just leave me alone." The person that was standing in front of the door knocked even harder now. "Leave me alone you know I'm in my Heat period and I don't have any medication to control myself." I yelled. "Fine, but I want that black top back washed!" The person yelled. It was Kacchan. I tried to keep myself under control but moan left my mouth. I heard someone whispering "Disgusting.". It was Kacchan again. He heard me moan shoot. So awkward I just wanna cry now.

-time skip-

My Heat was finally over. I felt so embarrassed. Just like Kacchan asked I washed his black top folded it at Kate's it in front of his dorm. I knocked on the door and left. I was actually hiding behind the corner. "Stupid Deku." I heard him mumble I think. It was on this tone I never heard him use before. I let out a small sight and left to my room.

"Aahhh Midoriya good to see you again." Iida said when I sorta bumped into him. "Oh sorry Iida didn't see you there and glad to be back to." I smiled. "Oh by the way we're holding a meeting this afternoon hope you'll be there." He said. "Sure count me in." I replied as I gave him a tumbs up.

Everybody was at the meeting. They were all very excited to see me again except for Kacchan. "Deku-kun are you okey? We haven't seen you in a while." Uraraka asked. "Yeah just some problems with my Heat that's all." Is replied with a smile. I heard Kacchan say "tch..." Almost like he was jealous. Kinda weird. It might be out of frustration, I stole his clothes so I wouldn't blame him.

The next couple of weeks went by good. Kacchan still ignored me. I didn't mind really. It was normal after what I did. Everything was back normal for now.

[ to be continued ]

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