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-Midoriya Izuku-

After waiting for a bit just sitting quietly the girl came back with our drinks. She also had a small piece of paper with her and she gave the piece of paper to Kacchan. First of all I was still trying to progress what has happened. Second he was the one who asked me in a date and now he's flirting with this girl. She probably gave her number or something. Third I'm not jealous! Okey maybe just a little.

Why was he doing this to me. Is this just one of his cruel actions. Am I falling for one of his hurtful traps? I think I am. What to do now? I can't just leave. I mean that would be really rude to the chef who was making us food. I did it once and I really regret that. I guess I have to stay and hope I can leave fast. "Is something wrong nerd?" Kacchan asked with a concerned tone in his beautiful voice. "I... it's nothing." I lied. "Come on I know your lying! What's wrong tell me!" He raised his voice. "I mean you are the one go asked me on this date. So... so why are you flirting with this girl? Is this one of those things you do to hurt me? Cause it worked." I raised my voice. He just looked shocked at me. "D... De... I mean Izuku! I never meant to hurt you! I'm not flirting with her! She's a friend of my mother. I'm sorry for making you feel like I was trying to hurt your feelings." He said honestly. I was now the one who was looking really shocked at him. I felt so dumb. I jumped to conclusions and kinda confessed my love that way. He also just called me Izuku. "K... Kacchan? I'm sorry to for jumping to conclusions. I guess it's obvious now. I'm in love with you Katsuki Bakugo!" I said almost tearing up.

"I... I'm sorry Izuku. I just can't do this to you. After everything I've done you actually fell in love with me. I feel wrong accepting your feelings. Let just start with being friends." He said honestly with this broken and shocked voice. I just nodded. He rejected me. Because he felt bad for what he has done to me. That's actually really thoughtful of him.

[ to be continued ]
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