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-Midoriya Izuku-

Today we had our final exams. I was teamed up with Kacchan. This was not going to be easy. Our opponent was none other then All Might. He is the most famous Rouge Omega and the number one hero. Because of him I'm standing here right now. If I never met him who know what would've happened to me. NO! I have to concentrate on the fight. The only problem was that is was almost Kacchan's Rut period so he might get a little to close with me if I don't control my scent.

-After the fight-

He beat him but both Kacchan and I were badly injured. Because of that I couldn't control my scent anymore. Before Kacchan passed out he almost hugged me. Lucky me he passed before reaching me. After that I passed out as well. When I finally woke up Kacchan was sitting next to my bed holding my hand. With his thumb he was streaking over the palm of my hand. "K... Kacchan wh... what are you doing?" I asked still a bit out of myself. "Oh your awake." He quickly let go of my hand a small blush appeared on his face. "Why were you holding my hand?" I asked. Then I remembered my scent it wasn't in control. So he was affected by it. Weird that he didn't rape me or anything. He just held my hand. I was still to weak to control my scent. "Kacchan? You should you it's almost your Rut period and I can't control my scent at the moment. I don't want you to do things you might regret and blame me for later." I told him. "Yeah your right. I should go." He said kinda disappointed. I felt this weird feeling in my stomach when he left. Something about his scent was telling me he was the one I wanted to mate with.

He didn't come to visit me since then. When I could finally leave the nurses office and control my scent again I was happy to see my friends again. "HE'S BACK EVERYBODY!" I heard them yell while I entered the building. As I opened the door I was left with a suprise. "WELCOME BACK!" They all yelled. "You guys that's so sweet of you. You didn't have to do this!" Is started to cry. "It was All Katsuki's idea." Iida said. "Yeah we thought it was kinda weird but really sweet to so we all helped him with this." Uraraka filled him in. "Where is Kacchan now?" Is asked them. "Oh Katsuki is in his room. His Rut period started today." Kirishima told me. "Oh that unfortunate I really wanted to thank him for all of this." I said disappointed.

-Bakugo Katsuki-

I had this idea to have a welcome back party for Deku. Little did I know that he came back when I was in my Rut period. GOD DAMN IT! So couldn't even be there. That incident with my top he kinda stole in his Heat period made me to starting overthinking everything. I found out I actually had feelings for that shitty nerd. That's why wanted to throw that stupid party. I actually wanted to mate with him. Now I my chance is blown.

I was kinda freaking out. His scent didn't really affect me like it does with others. As a Rouge Omega have very affective scent that's why they can control it. For some weird reason that didn't affect me at all. What the fuck does that mean. I heard screaming. That must mean he was actually back. I couldn't smell his scent so he had it back under control. Why do I want to be touched by that freak. It's probably just my Rut that brings up these kind of ideas. I hope it's over soon so I can see that cute freckled face again.

I never stand a chance with him. He probably really hates me after everything I've done to him. I don't mind that I was a jerk. I don't want him to be feeling uncomfortable to go out with me. Just because he's scared I'm going to hurt him.

-A few days later-

My Rut period was finally over. As I walked into the meeting place of our dorm I saw Deku sitting on the dinner table mumbling to himself like always. I walked in his direction. He didn't notice I was standing behind him. When I saw what he doing I felt flustered. He was taking notes about me! CUTE! "Oi, shitty nerd move!" I said plainly. "AAHHH Kacchan you scared me." He yelled while hiding his notes. CUTE! "What are you hiding Deku let me see it!" I said as I moved his hand to grab the notes. "Please don't be mad Kacchan." Said with a scared expression on his face. I saw this defined drawing of myself. You could see how he carefully drew my muscles and other characters. There were notes next to the drawing explaining the positive point of ever move I use in a fight. "Wow! I'm speechless. This is so cool. I didn't know that I was this good looking." I smirked. He started to blush a bit. "Y... yeah!" He said with a flustered tone.

"Oh Kacchan thank you for the welcome party that was so sweet of you." He smiled with this pure smile on his face. Making me blush a bit. Oh fuck he can't see I'm blushing. SHIT! "I have to go now see you later nerd!" I said rapidly and left. As I went outside to calm myself I heard someone yell my name.

[ to be continued ]

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