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-Midoriya Izuku-

"What are we going to do now?" I asked him still blushing. How did he remember my birthday if I didn't even remember it. "Well we are at a park." He smiled. I sat myself down on a swing. "Come and push me Kacchan." I laughed. "Tsk... fine I wouldn't do this if it wasn't your birthday nerd." He said sassy. It made me laugh. "Silly." Is laughed at him it made him blush. "D... don't ever call me that again nerd" he said kinda pissed and shy at the same time. It was actually really cute. Is this a date?! Oh God please let this be a date! He started pushing me on the swing. I saw him laughing. "K... Kacchan can we go back to the dorms I'm kinda tired." I smiled at him. "Oh sure." He replied and grabbed my hand making our fingers intertwine.

As we arrived at the dorms he let go of my hand. Leaving me with a feeling that something was missing. "I'm going for a small walk so you can go inside without me and take you beauty sleep." He winked at me. What did he mean with beauty sleep? "Sure see you later I guess." I smiled at him. Why was he being so nice to me? My head is all messed up right now. Does he know how I feel about him? This is bad. Well I'm tired. I went into my dorm putted on some comfy clothes and laid down in my bed. I immediately fell asleep.

I had this weird dream. In my dream I was celebrating my birthday with Kacchan when suddenly Todoroki came in and kissed me. Kacchan got really mad like he did when Todoroki actually kissed me. He started a fight with Todoroki and won. After that he came towards me and almost kissed me because stupid me had to wake up at that moment. Or I'd better say someone woke me up. "Oi, Deku opens up!" I heard the voice behind the door say. "I'm coming just wait one second." I said still sleepy as I walked to the door. When I opened it I saw Kacchan standing there. Making me blush after the dream I just had. "Come with me you nerd." He said as he aggressively grabbed my hand. So there was nothing else but to follow him.

He took me to the dorms living room where it was pitch black. "Kacchan this isn't funny." I said a bit scared. Then the lights turned on and all my friends were standing in front of this banner saying 'happy birthday'. "You guys." Is started to sob. Everybody was there even Todoroki. He didn't look at me he just looked depressed at the floor. I decided to go and talk with him.

"T... Todoroki?" I asked him. "Midoriya!" He said suprised when he looked up. "I forgive you." I smiled at him. "Why would you forgive me? I knew you didn't like me in that way. Still I let my desires take over. I stole your first kiss." He said with a depressed tone. "Yeah but you deserve a second chance." I smiled. "Really?" He asked suprised. "Yeah really let do like that never happened I don't want to lose my close friend." I patted him on his shoulder and left.

"Why the fuck were you talking to the half-n-half bastard?" Kacchan asked me angry. "Well I think he deserved a second chance." I smiled at him. "But why?" He then asked me confused. "Well he didn't really do it on purpose. I mean it was just an accident. That's why." I replied. He just nodded and left me standing there alone.

I sighed. "Happy Birthday Deku-kun!" Uraraka smiled at me holding a present. "Oh thanks Uraraka. You didn't have to but me a present." I said suprised. "It's your birthday Deku-kun it's normal to get presents from your friends." She smiled. I opened the package wrapped with All Might themed wrappig paper. "OML thank you so much Uraraka! This is a limited edition All Might action figure." I hugged her. "Well you have a lot of them I I didn't see this one so thought I would give it to you." She smiled. I let her go and smiled back.

The party was a lot of fun. The others also gave me All Might themed gifts. We ate cake and played games. After a while I got tired and went to my dorm room. In front of my dorm there was this package wrapped in brown wrapping paper. I picked it up I took it inside my room. As I open it I found a note and an other package wrapped in the same wrapping paper. I opened the note.


Happy Birthday! Okay this is fucking weird for me. So accept a crappy gift and a crappy letter. I just wanted to tell you. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for all these horrible years. I couldn't bring it in real words so a wrote this crappy thing to tell you. Oh and I hope you like the gift. That's enough writting from me



[ to be continued ]
[ a/n: as you noticed I'm not posting daily any more. Thing are I bit busy at the moment and I'm wanting to put a bit more time in my chapters. Hope you liked to second part of the birthday special there will be a third kinda not completely. You'll have to see that next time. Bye Bye ]

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