Leo smiled as he pulled his arm around my neck rubbing my arms in an attempt to warm me up. Which some how worked.

I wrapped my arm over Leo's torso making him flinch from my touch. For the rest of the movie I look at him. As he looks at me I look back at the screen hoping he didn't catch me.

My mum came back opening the door juggling 4 boxes of pizza in one hand. I jump of Leo helping my mum with the pizza and everyone else helps set the table.

Everyone but my mum sit at the table and serves them self pizza, I grab a vegan slice and baby feed Leo, sometimes making him work for a bit and Charlie and Georgia just watch.

"Umm, are you two a thing?" Georgia laugh as she snuggles into Charlie's chest. "Pff no" Leo lies knowing it's a bit too soon. "I'm joking" Georgia giggles making me and Leo take deep breaths.

"Hey, lets take a photo" Charlie suggest taking his phone out of his pocket.

Georgia's next to Charlie and Leo and I are at the back. Leo smiling and me doing a peace sign.

"Great" Charlie laughs, "is it okay if I post this?" He curiously asks, "sure if you send it to me" I giggle "yeah, sure". He says grinning at Georgia.

Leo sits back at his sit being quiet. As we all eat Leo's quiet and Charlie and I talk about random stuff. Once we finish the pizza Charlie checks the time. "Jeez it's late I need to sleep" Charlie laughs as Georgia checks the time on his phone.

"Yeah, I think I should sleep since we still have school tomorrow" Georgia said. "Hmm okay" I say sighing, "Charlie and Georgia you can sleep in the spare bedroom together if you want, if not then Charlie you can sleep on the floor" I say giggling at Charlie and Georgias reaction.

"Uh, Leo you can sleep on the couch" I said, as Leo sighs quietly. "Sure" he says looking down at his plate.

He soon grabs his plate and starts washing up, I walk up to him "babe" I whisper making sure Charlie and Georgia don't hear, "I can wash up it's okay" I say taking over, "I'm going to come to the couch to talk to you okay" I say looking at him, but he just shrugs.

Once I finish washing up Charlie and Georgia are already in the room and I walk over to Leo kissing his cheek.

"What's up?" I ask as I turn his face so I look at his eyes. "Was it that I was getting along with Charlie and not you?" I say smirking knowing the answer and knowing he's jealous.

"Look y/n, I'm jealous.. you just seem to always talk to Charlie and not me. Before I felt as if you just ignored me once Georgia questioned us dating." He stopped and took a deep breath. "So yes, I'm jealo-" he was cut off as I kiss his soft plump, pink lips.

The kiss ended short as he stopped me. That was a bit awkward. I softly blushed a bright pink. Lucky it's dark so he doesn't see me. "We don't want Charlie or Georgia to find out do we" he says smirking at me. What a tease. I thought pouting.

He pulls me on the couch and softly kisses my neck leaving light marks on my neck. As I let out soft moans.

I stop before something happens since it's late at night. "That's it" I say smirking, giving him payback for before. "Really?!" He says pouting. "Yes" I giggled as I now sit on his hips, legs on both side of his waist. I lean down and kiss him on more time, this time kissing him longer.

I stop and get up, good night I say as I walk up the stairs. I blush thinking about what happened as I get in bed cuddling Leo's oversized hoodie, I'm wearing.


I post on my story "love you" hoping she knows it's her.

And before I go to bed I send y/n a cute text on Snapchat.


                      Baby 💍💜 is typing...

                          From Baby 💍💜

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