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"Wake up damn it!"

Leslie had quickly dropped her surgical tools and immediately tried different ways to get his heart beat back.

CPR was an obvious choice but... his lower chest was exposed from the ongoing operation.

CPR would not be a good idea.

Considering she's operating on his lower chest, beneath the breastplate, defribrilation was his best shot.

Quickly she applied the proper gear. And initiated the first shock.


She tried another.

And another.

After four shocks she was about to call it but something told her to try again. But...

Four shocks and nothing? Survival is most likely impossible.

But bats have a way of defying the impossible.

With one more shock she feels like screaming out to the heavens.

There's a heartbeat, however weak and slow. But it's something..

But something else goes wrong.

As Leslie is about to continue the operation he wakes up for a second which, considering why he was having this operation done in the first place and due to anesthesia, was rather odd.

He said nothing at first and in Leslie's shock she dropped her tools back onto the metal tray.

The noise seemed to startle him and his eyes, however cloudy, quickly started looking around the corners of their sockets.

When he seemed to realize where he was and what was happening he started to weakly speak.

Due to his oxygen mask the words were muffled yet still understandable to the stunned doctor.

"Les... no stop... please... let me go..."

He forcefully closed his eyes... and then he started convulsing.

He was going into shock and his chest was still open...

"Oh shiiiit..." she whispered.

She reached over the tray and pressed a button, a call button.

"Whoever is up there, grab as many blankets as you can and get your asses down here ASAP!"

Everyone quickly came down as if they were waiting right by the entrance with a mountain of blankets in tow.

Ok... maybe she didn't mean that many...

She quickly grabs a blanket and folds it up into a makeshift pillow.

"Tim carefully lift up his head, be careful not to jostle him."

He was doing much of the jostling himself due to his shaking but Tim managed to lift his head just enough for Bruce to slip the 'pillow' under his head while Barbara and Alfred had to wrap Dick up in some other blankets while Leslie was trying to keep Dick stable.

Due to his open chest, Alfred and Barbara couldn't do much to attempt to conserve his body heat so Leslie had to work fast.

"Leslie, what is left to be done?!" Bruce questioned while trying to gently hold down his son's shaking shoulders so she could work.

"...nothing left for the cells. Just gotta close him up..."

"What are his chances?" asked Tim, Dick's shuddering has finally stopped and he has now gone limp.

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