What We Don't Have Is...

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I'm narrating. Also, I don't know anything about cells, tissue, or any medical crap. But I'm doing it anyways.

Also... I am aware its short!!


That's something the bird didn't have.

"Leslie, I thought we had at least a month!"

Right now, everyone was in the Batcave. Minus Jason... he just disappeared.

They were all gathered around a surgical table that a currently unconscious Dick was strapped on.

The medicine wasn't working anymore.

The only thing keeping him alive now was various tubes and IV's stuck in him.

And even with those he looked... dead.
The only thing that confirmed he was alive was the weak line coming from the heart monitor.

"I know that Bruce. But his body has turned against him. Instead of his cells resisting the illness, they're resisting the medicine!"

"How much time Leslie?"

"... if he's lucky then 48 hours. But Bru--"

"Isn't there something you can do?!"

"Well I can try to perform surgery to fix the cells but--"

"Then start immediately!"

"Of course but you must know--"

"Leslie! There is no damn time!"

Finally, Tim and Barbara have had enough.

"BRUCE! For the love of God, let her speak!"

Bruce glares at them but doesn't say anything more.

Leslie adjusts her glasses and clears her throat, silently thanking the young heroes.

"Ah-hem. As I was trying to say... none of you should get your hopes up. I don't even know if this procedure will work. In theory it should... but it's obviously never been done before and I'm only one doctor! It's already a risky move but given his current state..."

She glances sadly down at the unconscious hero.

"He might not stand much of a chance."

All three members of the bat clan looked at each other and then at their fallen member.

"...it may be a small chance but it's all he has. Do your best."

Leslie nods and as soon as the others leave she begins.

But it isn't long before the shrill beeping of a flatlining heart monitor sounds throughout the cave...

The End


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