Get Through It!

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I made this mission up.

This after the invasion.

Wally is alive, kinda annoying but alive, and Dick is still being berated about his tactics. Dick never left.

And I'm not completely making Wally a prick in this one.

I would have mentioned this earlier but I wasn't sure if I should continue it sooooo... yeah.


Finally... I'm almost done.

"Alpha squad you'll take this area head on and Beta you go around here to provide support. Any questions?"

No one said anything. They never seem to anymore.

"Good. Now go."

They turn away, talking in whispers although I catch onto Beast Boy and Blue Beetle's conversation.

"He's more... 'distant' than when he was a Titan. Isn't he?" whispered Gar.

"More curt too. But cut him some slack mi amigo, the invasion affected him more than anyone else and we are all partly to blame for that..."

The whispers fade out as the Mountain gradually empties. When I know that everyone is gone I slowly peel off my mask and rub my eyes.

So tired...

Have I really changed that much BB?

I remember all my memories with the Titans. Some bad but mostly good.

For whatever reason I feel myself begin to laugh. Stiff and bitter. Barely reminiscent of the laugh I had when I did the "ninja thing" as Wally called it.

"So you can still laugh? Haha... Dick? Are you okay?"


I slowly turn and muster a fake smile. It was Wally. Our current friendship was strained to say the least. But at least one of us was trying to make it better.

Not me. I just don't have the strength to do it anymore. But of course, Wally just thinks I'm probably still "offended" at what happened between us while Artemis had been undercover as a double agent.

"Oh... hey Wally. Uh... how are you and Artemis doing?"

I'm taking over for a bit.

Although Wally and Artemis went back to retirement, it won't be for long.

Barry and Iris are getting ready to welcome their twins into the world.

When that happens, Wally has 'volunteered' to become the Flash in his stead. But not forever, only until the new family are used to life together. And of course, Bart will be temporarily taking the mantle of Kid Flash during that time.

Wally ignored his question and stepped further to get a better look at Dick's unmasked face. Dick stiffened up from instinct.

Ok! Back to Dick's narration.

"Dick... what's wrong? You look, well, terrible."

I stayed silent. I just... want to leave.

Just get this over with.

Wally slowly rubbed the back of his neck. He had a distressed look on his face.

"Look Dick, I'm really sorry how I acted towards you during the invasion. Artemis talked some sense into me and now I understand what you did. So please can we just back to normal? Back to being friends?"

Again I stay silent. This was making it harder...

Wally let out a slightly aggravated sigh.

"How about we do something tomorrow? You should be done coordinating the mission right? How about we play video games and order ten pizzas?"

I'm not even coordinating the mission this time. I left that to Connor, I said I had some "important business" in Blüdhaven.

I slightly push past Wally and head to the Zeta tube.

As the computerized voice is about to read off my name, I slip my domino mask back on.

For me... there won't even be a tomorrow.

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