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"Sometimes I wonder why I do certain things.

Is it because of my past or who trained me? Maybe.

But sometimes... I feel the reason I do things is because I truly feel it's the only way. But those decisions are so rash. So... risky. But I never notice until it's too late.

So many things have gone wrong but how do I possibly fix them?

How can you make so many mistakes in eighteen years? Well... according to Wally, Bruce, the League and a bunch of others-- mistakes seem to be the one thing I can actually do correctly.

They say the good ones die first... so does that mean I will live forever? That's not really much to look forward to.

I have failed so many people when I wanted to please them.

When Bruce took me in... I thought I had gained a new home, a family and a... father. Was I wrong about that too?

I know he's the Batman but I never thought he would be so cold to me.

Of all the people, I had hoped he would understand me in the end. Nope. He basically cast me out."

My fist punches my bedroom wall and I look back at my reflection in disgust.

"And I'm talking to myself through a mirror. Great, now I'm going crazy. Might as well add that to the 'Why Dick Grayson sucks' list."

I walk over to my bed and fall down on it. I turn my head and slowly look around.

This was the room I spent a better part of my young life in. You would think it would bring me comfort but instead it just reminds me of how things used to be. Before I became... a mistake. Or was I always a mistake?

Whatever. Tomorrow... tomorrow everything will be fine. I'm sure of it.

Things will get better for everyone. Forever. I just have to make it until then.

I close my eyes and succumb to my exhaustion.

But... he didn't know that Bruce was watching through the monitors. And he heard. Every. Single. Word.

I don't know if this is going to stay a one-shot or turn into a full story.

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