Welcome Home

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Alright I lied. It didn't take long at all.


When I open my eyes again I'm at the Manor... in my old room.



I look to my right and he's in civvies, sitting in a chair. His face is expressionless.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

Why would I?

"I could have paid for your medicine. You could have been helped."

I stay silent.

He looks at me for a moment before glancing out the window.

"I should have talked to you after..."

Not listening to this.

I force myself to move.

My limbs feel like they're burning but I'm able to sit up... wait...

What's touch--

"How are you feeling?"

Holy hell! When did he move?!

My eyes shift to my periferal view. Huh... so that's how I sat up.

Bruce's hands are supporting my back.

"Why... doesn't it hurt?"


"I... I've had a few close calls before. But everytime I had the medicine. But... I would always pay for it one way or another..."

Bruce moved me against the pillows so that I could sit up supported. He moved back and turned on the bedside lamp. It was still dark out...

He moved backed up to sit on the side of the bed and looked at me. Waiting for me to finish.

"Pain. And a lot of it. My head, arms, legs, stomach... and especially my back."

Bruce's eyes narrow.

Is he actually concerned? I can't tell...

"But you don't feel anything now?"

I shake my head.

"Its weird. I was able to feel something, your hands, touching my back. But... no pain. Everything is just... numb."

As soon I said that I heard two words go through my head.

Nerve damage

Looking at Bruce's face I can tell he's thinking the same.

"Can you still move on your own?"

I wiggled my fingers. Good...

I moved my legs. Alright...

Now I just need to...


I press my palms into the mattress and push down.

Slowly but... I can sit up without support.

"Yes I just can't... feel."

Bruce just nods silently.


"Where is Wally? And uh... that guy with the red hood?"

I don't know if Jay revealed who he is yet...

"Right here."

Wally comes in, dragging Jay in with him although his red hood is up.

"Were you guys listening the whole time?"



Bruce glares over at Jason.

I'm guessing that's a 'no' then...

"Well... thanks for saving my life. But... what were you guys doing at my apartment in the first place?"

Didn't look like Jay was gonna talk so Wally started.

"You were acting weird when you left the Mountain so I followed you. And saw this guy breaking into your apartment."

Wally elbowed Jay.

"Yeah, yeah. Just passing by and saw this guy looking like he was gonna die."

Bruce was still looking at Jay.

"Right..." he said.

Hmm... I feel like being a total jerk!

"...you gonna take off that stupid hood yet Jay?"

"What?!" asked Bruce.

And I knew I hit a nerve, Jay went absolutely stiff.

Wally looked over at me. I smirked.

He sped around Jay and yanked his hood off.

Hmm... mixed faces around the room now.

Jason looks absolutely livid (haha)

Bruce looks shocked

And both Wally and I had a smirk on our faces.

Welcome home Jaybird...

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