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I will explain the title at the end. This 'chapter' is once again in Dick's POV. For... reasons.

When I open my eyes I see light.

It's not blinding... but comforting.

But something doesn't feel right. When I shift my feet I don't feel the normal friction of the ground.



Ok, I was expecting to die soon but not... this soon.

I don't even remember what happened.

What I do remember is feeling my insides start to burn as I was talking to Tim and Barbara. Then blackness.

So what now? Isn't Del supposed to be waiting at the gates or... something?

I never really put much thought into things like this. Maybe that's why nothing is happening.



"Sweetheart... pui de pasåre."

I can hear them. But why can't I see them?!

"Go to the Gate..."


I walk closer to the gate but still nothing happens. What am I supposed to do?

"We're here Dick. We're on the other side..."

I swallow lightly. I feel no pain or discomfort anymore.

"Mamí, Tatí... where is Del?"

Finally they appear. Just as they said, they are on the other side. Staring right at me with those big loving smiles I have missed for years.

"Del is waiting on the other side. He sent us to welcome you instead. But you have a choice to make."

A choice?

"You are young Dick. You deserve a longer life. If you choose you can go back to Earth. But... the pain will return, however, your sickness will be in remission. Or... you can stay up here with us..."

A choice? I... do want my life back. But the pain has become too much down there and up here I feel no pain or discomfort! And besides I would be with my parents again!

But I would be leaving everyone at home...

I choose...

Speaking of choice.... Guys?

Translations & Explanation

Cer: Heaven

Mamí: Momma

Tatí: Dad

Del: God

Pui de pasåre: baby bird

Cer? Is the title of this chapter.

It translates to Heaven?

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