What's Wrong With You?

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As I swing into my apartment in Blüdhaven, Bruce doesn't even know about this place, I feel like I'm gonna throw up.

Maybe I still have time! Maybe I just misplaced some...

Just get to the kitchen table. Go, go, go!


I was right earlier, my year-supply of medicine is gone.

Without that I--

I clench my fists. It's too expensive and I don't have the money for even one bottle.

Hell, my rent is cheaper.

And I can't ask Bruce for money.

If you have been paying any attention than you know we're not exactly on good terms. Besides he would want to know what it's for. And I can't tell him that I've been sick with some fatal disease for a whole year and never bothered to tell him about it!

Because honestly? Who wants to know their new leader has a deadly and rare illness when their old leader 'betrayed' them, Artemis 'died', and the most significant members of the Justice League were off world on a trial all in one year? Not to mention the world was being invaded.

Somehow I don't really think that would help their morale.

Need to get ready now...

I staggered around my apartment gathering a few things: bottle of water, pillow and blanket, picture of my parents, and a picture of the old YJ team.

I settled in a corner with the blanket wrapped around me, I suddenly felt like I was freezing, and kept the pictures close to me. The only light I left on was a dim floor lamp near the closed window.

My insides are burning now. I take a sip of the water but it just feels like it's sizzling on my tongue. I feel... so much more tired now. Everything is blurry now...

There's a loud thump from the fire escape and then banging on the window.

I start to close my eyes. I can't--

Glass shattered, someone just broke in but I can't see them. Doesn't matter anyways. I close my eyes fully.

Footsteps... I think. I can't really hear much of anything... a-anymore...


Someone grabs my shoulders and starts shaking me. They won't be successful.

I'm done...


Hmm... who is it?

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