Chapter Seventeen: New Years Day

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Todd woke to the light coming in the window. They had forgotten to close the curtains in their eagerness to fall into bed last night. Todd couldn't stop the smile curling onto his lips, nuzzling his face into his pillow before tilting his head to peer at the man beside him. Levon was still sleeping, naked body barely covered by the blankets, hair destroyed and a small amount of drool escaping the corner of his parted lips. Todd snickered at the ridiculous display and debated on whether or not he would be able to fall back asleep.

They had been up exceptionally late with the New Year's Eve party Betto had hosted. Betto had arranged his parents' firepit for the occasion and Todd, Levon, Ophelia, Cash, Parker, Ashaia and her professor-boyfriend had all stayed way past midnight boosting their hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps. Though Todd had been unhappy with the cold and the uncomfortable camping chairs he couldn't even pretend he had a bad time. It was a long evening full of laughter and old stories. And Levon, the annoying bastard, had kept close to Todd's side the whole night with affectionate touching and playful banter. The kind of annoying that mad Todd feel like he was floating.

Levon's attention had, of course, led to more than one chaste kisses which, of course, had gotten less and less chaste as the evening wore on. A large part of the reason they had chosen to spend the night at Todd's empty house rather than head back to Levon's.

Todd got out of bed not long after, deciding it was too bright to fall asleep. He got up, leaving Levon's sleeping form behind so he could take a hot shower that burned away the ripe smell of stale sex and the inklings of a hangover. Todd tried not to stare at the hickeys Levon had left on his body; purple patches on his collarbone, neck, and hips. The man was insatiable and insane.

Todd returned to his bedroom feeling much more human. Clean, medicated and wanting breakfast. He pulled on a pair of sweatpants then went and gave Levon's unconscious form a rough shake.

"Time to get up, Lev," Todd said. He glanced at his alarm clock. "It's almost noon."

"Fuck off," Levon grunted and blindly swatted at Todd. "I don't have to get up."

"Get up and I'll make you breakfast," Todd bargained and Levon cracked an eye open to squint at him.

"What are you going to make?" Levon's voice was thick with sleep and Todd found it oddly attractive.

"I'll make those egg sandwiches you like," Todd said and Levon sighed. "You should shower. You smell awful."

"You're a piece of shit," Levon grunted, rolled onto his stomach and shoved his face into the pillow. Todd went and grabbed a clean towel for Levon to use and deposited it in the washroom. Then he went back to the room and forcefully dragged his boyfriend out of bed. Levon protested weakly, but Todd just forced him into the warm bathroom.

"There's a spare toothbrush under the sink," Todd said as he left the room and Levon grumbled.

After declining to shower with Levon, Todd went down to the kitchen and started looking around to make sure he had the necessities to make the promised meal. He set his phone on the counter and played some low, cheery tunes while he scavenged the cupboards. Bagels in the freezer, a couple eggs that he wasn't sure were good anymore, cheese, salt, and pepper. Todd knew Levon liked tomatoes and other vegetables in his sandwich but Levon would have to settle. There was no way Todd was going to the store for produce.

Todd pulled out a bowl and cracked an egg into it, examining it closely to see if it was good or bad. He jolted in surprise when the front door swung open, quickly putting down the bowl of egg and moving to the entryway to see who had entered. His mother stared at him with just as much shock on her face.

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