Chapter Five: University

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Levon was sure this was a bad idea but he was already way too far in to change his mind. He was parked at Todd's university, staring up at the building Todd lived in.

It had been three weeks since they had last seen each other, and they hadn't had any communication besides the few texting conversations that Levon didn't find nearly as satisfying as talking. It had been Bradly's idea truly, and Aisha and Cash had been all too willing to encourage him. Now he was parked outside the building, unsure if Todd would even want to see him. Levon couldn't even be certain that they would get along. They'd had a small fight right before the winter break had ended over who Ophelia should and shouldn't date. Todd tended to be even more overprotective than Levon and Jasper. Levon thought it was cute.

Levon took out his cell phone and decided to get it over with. He called Todd and brought the phone to his ear. Todd answered on the second ring.

"What?" Todd came and Levon rolled his eyes, trying to alleviate the pressure he was feeling.

"That is not how you answer a call," Levon said and Todd scoffed.

"Are you just calling to criticize the way I answer the phone?" Todd asked and Levon let out an awkward laugh.

"No, I'm actually calling because I'm in your parking lot."

"You're what?" Todd blurted. "You're in the lot?"

"Yeah," Levon sighed. That wasn't the happy welcome.

"Why are you here?" Todd asked.

"Listen Toddy, I'm here. Are you going to interrogate me or are you going to come let me into the building? Do you realize how snowy it is out here?" Levon snapped and Todd went quiet.

"Whatever. I'll be there in a minute." The line went dead and Levon tucked it in his pocket. This was off to a good start. Levon grimaced.

Levon climbed out of his car and grabbed his bag from the backseat. It was Friday and he had packed to stay until Sunday. Assuming Todd didn't kick him to the curb before then.

Todd came out of the building and Levon raised his hand in a wave. Todd was wearing jeans and a nerdy t-shirt, his socked feet stuffed hurriedly into a pair of sandals. He walked and met Levon halfway to the building, stopping in front of Levon with his hands on his hips.

"What's going on?" Todd asked, his eyes narrowed, raking over Levon's form for any signs of distress. Levon had to smile at the thinly veiled concern and Todd glared at him in question.

"I was wondering if you'd let me hang out for the weekend?" Levon gestured to his bag. "I'm looking for a bit of a getaway."

"You can stay as long as you don't mess with my stuff," Todd agreed easily and Levon felt his shoulders slump with relief before he felt like an idiot. Of course Todd would let him stay. Todd would never turn anyone he cared about away, especially not Levon. They weren't friends, but they were always there for each other.

"Have you got any plans for the weekend?" Levon asked, hoping that Todd didn't.

Todd let Levon into his room and Levon gave the small, single room a quick once-over. Todd kept his space neat and organized. It was more personal than his room back home. There was a Game of Thrones and a Hobbit poster on his wall along with a puppy calendar Ophelia had bought him for Christmas. The comforter on his bed was almost the same bright green as Levon's back home and he hid another fond smile.

"So, I was in the middle of an assignment," Todd said awkwardly, kicking off the sandals and padding to his desk chair. "It's due tonight."

"You can finish it," Levon waved him off and Todd dropped into his chair. Levon sat on the bed. It was comfier than his dorm bed. "I'll just read or something."

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